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EU Mini Challenge @ Cascavel - Mon 30 June 2014

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Nox, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member


    Track: Cascavel
    Race 1
    19:00 GMT
    Qualifying: 19:10 GMT
    Warm up: 19:20 GMT (3 minutes)
    Race 1: 19:25 GMT (20 mins)

    Race 2
    19:50 GMT
    Qualifying: 20:00 GMT
    Warm up: 20:10 GMT (3 minutes)
    Race 2 : 20:15 GMT (20 mins)

    You can join for any number of races, or join in for just a single race. Please indicate which races you'll attend when you sign up.

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here

    Low ABS available.

    Let's fill up the grid! You can ask other drivers to practice or race with you by using the tag function of the forum. Just type an @ directly followed by the user name and this person will receive a notification.

    Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination. This is not a league race, it's for some fun, so please join us on TeamSpeak and build a little community spirit!

    Don't forget all the Mini's have launch control, assign a button to it.
    1. On the start line push the button and hold it (you will see it engages 1st gear)
    2. Press the gas to the max!
    3. Wait for the start and release the button and you're off. Zooooom away.
    4. Change to 2nd gear as normal and carry on up the gear box.
    Example of track limits for a track.

    Sign Up List
    1. Andrew James
    2. Srinath Sundareswaran
    3. Javier Bernedo
    4. Diego Rodriguez
    5. Warren Schembri
    6. Dave Wild
    7. Sven-Arne Andersson
    8. Genci Estebanez
    9. Brian Wallace
    10. Manuel Palacios
    11. Andres Redondo
    12. Gundars Brigis
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    25. Driver
    26. Driver
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  2. Sign me up
  3. I´m in
  4. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Server is up
  5. sign me up thanks
  6. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    Signing up. Race 2 is a bit unlikely though
  7. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild
    Premium Member

    Sign me up for both please. I might have got the hang of these Minis by the last lap of race 2 :O_o:
  8. Sven-Arne Andersson

    Sven-Arne Andersson
    Premium Member

    Sign me up please.
  9. Sign me up please.
  10. BrianW

    Premium Member

    in please
  11. Manuel Palacios

    Manuel Palacios
    Premium Member

    Sign me up please
  12. Sign me up please
  13. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium Member

    Sign me up please;)
  14. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Sven-Arne, Srinath and I side by side going into turn 1 about 8 minutes into the race.

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  15. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild
    Premium Member

    First race for a while and had a great time made all the more enjoyable with Teamspeak.
    I was surprised that I qualified 4th and thought it was too good to be true.
    Andres was slow off the line at start of race 1 so i had to dodge round the outside of him, that let Sven up the inside at turn 1 and Warren was all over the back of me. Sven ran wide at the right hand turn 3 on lap 2 which put me back to 4th.
    On lap 8 I slowed for some reason and Warren and Gundars slipped up the inside at turn 1. Trying to chase Warren enthusiasm overtook skill and I went wide at the right hand turn 3 and jut missed the tyre wall, that let Genci, Brian and Andrew passed, down to 9th. I tried to catch Andrew but it didn't happen so a very poor finish, 9th from 4th on the grid :(

    Race 2 I qualified 6th.
    Gundars in front of me on the grid pumped the start then stopped so i had to jink round then I passed Manuel into turn 1 to move up to 4th. Andres ran wide so up to 3rd:D However Andres re-took the position at the right hand turn 4 and Manuel passed just before the last turn so back down to 5th. All that in the first lap!
    Finished the race in 5th.

    Thanks to Andrew for organising the races and thanks to all my fellow competitors for some good clean racing especially as I am new and you therefore don't know my driving ability (or lack of :whistling:) :)
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  16. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    Could only do Race 1 but boy, that was a lot of fun!

    Somehow managed to be 3rd after Practice which was very surprising for me but only qualified in 7th.

    Once the race started, I was following Dave for the first few laps. Had to pass Sven on the outside after he went wide and then lost a spot to Gundars. For some reason, Dave then slowed down at the first turn while Gundars and I were going full throttle which made things a little interesting but thankfully no contact. Soon Gundars went wide at turn 3 meaning I was now in 4th position.

    Gundars got very close a few times but I managed to hold him off each time and had him on my back for the last 10 minutes of the race.

    All the while I managed to keep my concentration and focus while there were some people on Teamspeak wondering what shade of brown their pants need to be :D:D:D

    Was great racing!! For me, this was my best performance by a mile. Normally, I stuff up somewhere and then its a case of hotlapping on my own. One very happy bunny.

    Great car on a great track! Bring on the Opalas!!!
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  17. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild
    Premium Member

    Still don't know why I slowed Warren but I did notice you and Gundars coming up the inside so stayed wide to let you through.
    Like you this was my best performance ever and only myself to blame for losing so many places.
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  18. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium Member

    Yes it was epic race and great battle from first to last second with you guys :thumbsup:. There was some turns where I had some advantage and others where Warren was faster,so we had big fight till finish. I really enjoy this race,so much fun :thumbsup:

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  19. Manuel Palacios

    Manuel Palacios
    Premium Member

    Very good racing guys. Many struggle and very clean. Thanks to Andrew for organizing these events and congratulations to the winners. :thumbsup:
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