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Tracks Mid Ohio 2.01

RFACTOR 2 Mid Ohio Virtua LM

  1. Stefan Woudenberg submitted a new resource:

    Mid Ohio (version 1.91) - RFACTOR 2 Mid Ohio Virtua LM

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  2. Juergen


    Actually v2.01 is still there. Fantastic track, but the AIW is a bit crazy. They`re breaking middle of the track without any reason. Is there a small chance this could be fixed soon?
  3. Lazarou


    Thanks for updating Stefan, it is awesome in your Lola B12/60.

  4. Juergen


    I`m a little bit confused. I have allready a Version 2.01 of this Track, but this is from June 2014. Did i miss something?
  5. I missed the update and so.. updating the resources...
  6. Juergen


    Ah, ok. Thanks for this Info :thumbsup:
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  7. wonderful .... thanks