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Automobilista Racing Club (LIVE))

Helmets MIchael Schumacher 2012 Helmet 1.0

Full HD Mercedes and Ferrari edition

  1. Töttös Dani submitted a new resource:

    MIchael Schumacher 2012 Helmet - Full HD Mercedes and Ferrari edition

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  2. sorry but the helmet is not included in the download folder
  3. Sorry man i forget to write out u need restrat the carrer to work for this mod
  4. Hi can please tell me the right path for installation?
    C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\F1 2016 and then ? what is the right folder?
  5. nice !!
  6. Guys Code added a new update and now the helmet mod DONT WOEKING!!! :/
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  7. I checked they need just re putt it the files and will be working just the code overwritte the file so reinstall the and will be work
  8. Yeaaaa a good mod my prefer helmet and with a new patch I have to re install it?
  9. yes every patch wich modified the drivers you need to reinstall the mod