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Miata & Mini-Cooper - track list?

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Troy Bjerke, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. What game has the best Miata & Mini-Cooper & track list?

    I have rF1 - so I can probably find most tracks - but there are so many!
    I also have Race 07, Race ON, GTR EVO, STCC - but again, so many!

    I usually prefer big cars on small tracks - like holding on for dear life!
    I love the STCC tracks with the old Camaros, Mustang mod or any muscle car = crazy fun!

    Can you guys suggest some good, small, tight club type tracks that are your favorites?
    - links would be great too...

    Thanks to anyone who decides to share small car, small track love!
  2. GT5 has many Mini Coopers and miatas. Too many tbh. Lol.
  3. My boyfriend saw this thread but because I like driving the Minis,he asked if I would be interested in telling my faves.

    The tracks I usually drive the Minis on are, this is for Race 07.

    Oran Park
    Adelaide Clipsal 500
    Toban, long and short
    Westwood Park
    Most Autodrom

    Not all are tight tracks but I have fun on them:)

    I was told by my boyfriend I cannot provide links due to the fact some tracks may be illegal convertions but based on the sims you own I don't think you will have any problems finding these tracks.