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Apps MHUD 1.3

based on real BMW M4 HUD.

  1. xenicle submitted a new resource:

    MHUD - based on real BMW M4 HUD.

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  2. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I can't find it ingame, The UI module is obviously activated, but when i'm in game i cant find it on the right side where just all apps are.
    Where i put it the MHUD -- AC-apps-python- and pasted -->MHUD folder
    Any clue why?
  4. There is a problem here - as I noted in the discussion on your SimpleHUD app, this app replaces the file "content\gui\controls\form\pin_icn_OFF.png" - can that cause problems for other apps since it is a shared file? In fact there is a conflict with your own SimpleHUD app which installs a different version of the same file. So if we want access to both HUDS which version do we use?
  5. I like the concept, but this app is killing my FPS big time.