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Mods MGP BML File Editor 2.5

Edit the BML files more easily

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  1. This tool is a Legendary one, same level as MixFile Remixer.
    Love it :thumbsup:
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  2. Thx! :D

    I hope this improves the time for modding and bring new people to modding too ;)
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  3. Now you can copy the variables to another file and make the bikes with specific behaviors to each one:

    Variable MXRider :: Properties copied from DEFAULTBIKEMOTOGP.BML


    Just open two or more windows and copy what you want (like you copy a text). :thumbsup:
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  4. Thanks, best thing I have ever seen for MotoGP in racedepartment
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  5. It will be perfect if you add the possibility to reorganize the different entities in the BML file with clic and drop
  6. Nah, would be better in Material Design :D
  7. It is no a drag-and-drop but i think that (1.8b) should be enough :thumbsup:

    What is Material Design?
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  8. Hi, i was wondering if it's possible to edit team names and liveries as I am hoping to edit the 2015 season and replace it with the World Superbike teams and riders for a youtube series.
    However, i'm not sure if it's possible, is it?
  9. You mean edit the *.ZTS files?
  10. i'm not sure, basically all i want to do is change the Motogp 2015 riders, teams and liveries to World Superbikes riders, teams and liveries.
    I have done all the liveries, numbers, and rider gear however when i change some of the .bml files for the riders names and team names it just crashes the game. i've been trying on this for about 3 weeks now, and i'm starting to wonder if it's even possible.
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  11. Man... i dont know if this is possible. Several names in bml files are ids... i don't think that can be changed without change something on game's soucecode... But who knows!? :D

    Only thing that i know is that the names who appears in screen when you choose a rider or a team is stored in DB.ZTS in menu.mix...
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  12. IF is possible and IF you can do that , we have a WINNER here for sure :):):) , Really interesting in that , tell us the result , when you try , and Good Luck ;)