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MGP BML File Editor 1.6b

Edit the BML files more easily

  1. Dyego JhOu submitted a new resource:

    MGP BML File Editor - Edit the BML files more easily

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  2. Now.. this is gold !
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  3. Dyego JhOu updated MGP BML File Editor with a new update entry:


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  4. Mixfile Remixer doesn't work no more for VR The Game.. I'm :confused: woah, no words :cry: I can't mod this shitty game
    edit: it works hopefully
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  5. You wanna try to kill me! :confused:

    I'm in work now... please, can you upload the DATA.MIX in anywhere to i give a "pre-look"?
    Curiosity is killing me!:roflmao:
  6. DATA.MIX is almost the same.
    I played a race in Losail with Ducati GP14.2... this game is :poop::poop::poop:!
    We have a lot of work to do.
    I mean.. 1.51.900 is not a good time compared to the real 1.54.900 :thumbsdown:
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  7. Check inbox ;)
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  8. Dyego JhOu updated MGP BML File Editor with a new update entry:


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  9. Is it possible to change values without crashing the game?
    Like Text 1 to Text 1.1

    File would be longer. I don't think so but it's better to ask
  10. @Jonix, it is possible.

    The problem was that in some files if you change the size it crashes the game and others do not. I took a look at the source code and i found a possible failure. I can't test now, could verify and confirm me if it worked? Download the update 1.6b.
  11. Later on I will try to edit some values and let you know
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  12. Edited Jorge Martin performance from 0.xx to 0.XXX
    It worked just fine!
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  13. Hello ,How can i EDIT a file ??? Schermafbeelding (74).png
  14. The file is basically various variables with properties and subitems. Usually the values are under a variable named "text". But there are also some where the value are into a named property.

    Just select a variable and change the values in his properties at right side. The disabled itens is just for conference, they're other properties inside the variable that you must change when you changes some value beyond his original length. But don't worry, just put the desired value and the tool calculates the new length for you.;)

    Example bellow:

    After you made the changes that you want and save the file, repack in the mix and test it.

    But please, if you have any other doubts, post in the new thread in http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/mgp-bml-file-editor.123399/ and download the lastest version there.:thumbsup:

  15. Thanks for explaining , now it will succeed :thumbsup:
  16. How can i change the rider line up. i've tried doing what people have told me but it crashes my game.
    Also can i create my own Ai team?