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XB1 Mexican GP: 21:00 GMT - 10/25/15 - Prac/Short Qualy/50% Race (No Assts)

Discussion in 'F1 2015 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Rob, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Mexican Grand Prix
    F1 2015 by Codemasters
    9pm GMT

    This race is part of an ongoing series of races that will follow the 2015 and 2016 seasons, with a summer break to run some 2014 races on the F1 2015 platform. Although these are "club" races so as to be informal and less stringent on attendance, separate Championships will be scored for the remainder of the 2015 season, the 2014 interlude, and the bulk of the 2016 season start. Individual drivers only. Our aim is to re-live online the race we just watched, play the game in the most hardcore manner possible, and have fun. There will be bugs and glitches for sure, but things will get better with time hopefully.

    Invite/Party Chat: 8:45pm-9:00pm GMT / 3:45pm-4pm EDT U.S.

    Start Time: 9:00p GMT (or shortly thereafter)
    Host's Name: OctoberDusk06
    Weather Setting: Actual Race (conditions that were present for the most laps of the actual race)
    Track Selection: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
    Car Selection: 2015


    Premium Members Only: No
    Participation: 15 min. Practice / Short Qualifying / 50% Race
    Car Assignment: First Come, First Served
    Car Performance: Realistic


    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Car Damage: Realistic
    Traction Control: Off
    Brake Assist: Off
    Driving Line: Off
    ABS: Off
    Driver View: Cockpit Only

    Signing Up To This Race

    Reply with the following details -- Name / Gamertag / Car Preference


    1. Robert Waddell / OctoberDusk06 / Williams
    2. Eric Cline/McNasty0421/Williams
    Replays are encouraged and penalties will be largely game driven, but the Forum Code of Racing Conduct does apply.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2015
  2. mcnasty1


    Eric Cline/McNasty0421/Williams
    think peter and boothy will join us?
  3. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Good question Eric. Boothy I think has a league race (same one I'm trying to get into but they will not respond) and I think Peter has family obligations on Saturday, and maybe Sunday. I talked to Railer yesterday and he is very interested in coming on board. We may shoehorn this into a regular thing yet! lol.
  4. mcnasty1


    Lol s
  5. mcnasty1


    My buddy apexshaver jus t got it and might start joining us as well..dont know if u know him but hes a good guy rightaround our skill level too
  6. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    That would be great. The more the merrier. Hope he is okay with Realistic. I thought of a fun way to do points if it gets serious. Regular points, then 5 for out-qualifying your teammate (incl. A.I.), 5 for finishing ahead of your teammate, and 5 points each for finishing ahead of a Mercedes. That would make it interesting and deter people from picking the Merc.
  7. Doubt I'll be making it again guys as I'll be watching the race at the time this is scheduled.... Hopefully I'll make one when the races don't clash with the start time.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2015
  8. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    I'm going to start this right after the race ends. After all, that's the whole point of these.

    Some good news on my front. With @Matthew Booth helping (thank you!), I really dug into the setup and tested each item specifically. I learned a lot, but also nailed my time. I feel confident I can do this at every track now. I was P6 after practice (the A.I. were on "Legend") in a Williams set to "Realistic" with no assists. Time = 1:20.916.

    As such, I'm going to start a "Pro Season" from the top and record it. @mcnasty1 and @Railer Cantrell I'll pass along whatever may be useful to you and I think you will like it.

    P.S. - I still hate the track. :laugh:
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  9. mcnasty1


    Ok cool I def would like to check out the setup robert.and after the real race sounds good ..pr ok b going to exclude boothy and peter thou cause off the late start time..im trying to get apex and maybe nova to join us
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  10. mcnasty1


    Wel forgot about turning back clocks.so we should be starting around 4 est or 9 their time I believe
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  11. mcnasty1


    Just ran a 120.8 but my sector 2 is sloppy
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  12. I actually really like the track. . very Monza-esq start finish straight with a kind of tighter Canada turn 1/2 in reverse. The esses are fun although look tough to effect any passing through there unless the car in front makes a mistake and the stadium section is very tight but I reckon plenty of mistakes possible there and good traction through the final turn will reap rewards down that long straight so should be interesting.

    I would think a time in the high teens ought to be possible here.

    Interested to hear what you found in the setups Rob. As I said to you earlier I really like this year's setups and find they definitely make a difference Each component has an effect but I find the diff and balance particularly key. Good improvement from previous years and hopefully the sign of more to come next year.
  13. Oh and re the race tonight I am not able to watch the real thing live this week as I don't currently subscribe to the F1 channel so will watch it delayed but the next two are live on BBC.
  14. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Wow. Maybe I need to borrow your setup! lol. No doubt that teens are possible, if I can get to 1:20. But race pace, as always, will be slower. Sector 2? Hmm. They all look alike here. Parking lot. lol. And I thought Russia was bad. From what I hear, the track was a bit better in the day before they put in the last chicane...it was a nice sweeper. When will they learn. :thumbsdown:.

    I watched qualifying from Sky. I guess you get split coverage Peter? I must say, your guys are 1000x more dialed in to what is going on primarily due to history and being there, I guess. However, whoever the announcer is on Sky makes me cringe. I had to mute the son-of-a-bitch. lol. Guess I am spoiled by the off color humor of Hobbs ("they have to get on the old clampers lest they want to take a Sunday drive through Tijuana") :roflmao: and the low key brilliance of Matchett. Old school driver and Schumacher's old engineer make an odd couple but it's wonderful. However, they still broadcast from Charlotte, I believe, unless it's COTA, Canada, or Monte Carlo. And the pit reporter is a tool, as opposed to a babe.
  15. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Well, unfortunately, the opposite is working for me and Boothy. You know, you can steal setups, so I'll go into TT and set a lap. @mcnasty1 you can just apply it and try it if you want. That goes for anyone of course. I'll do the same for you and Peter's.
  16. The opposite as in?Setups not working or are you referring to the ol'bugged setup view? I did try that at COTA but got nowhere with it at all.. felt very off. Driving style I guess also comes into play with the setups that work or don't
  17. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Better get with Boothy then. I thought just like you until I tested each component and put it all together. And our driving styles are irrelevant, I believe. But you know, I still reserve a piece that thinks like you do. Sadly, other than Aero, I'm not sure much of F1's setup really matters much at all. The underlying "inequality" of the cars and the rock solid physics that only apply to one car (key b/c, as there are no other types) very much cloud the tuning process. I've always thought there was a pretty large placebo effect in tuning. And, of course, we all like to think we have the right tune. It's important to even things out as much as possible and then get rid of your pre-concieved notions, and test each and every thing separately. But that's near impossible in pCARS and even very time consuming in F1. To the extent I could, what it told me was that camber and toe maxed, wings always low as hell, and 1-11-1-1 springs and ARBs are not gone. But there were some bright spots, like tires, diff and ballast, that may make a difference. Seemed to for me anyway. Perhaps THE most important feature, gears, they deleted. :O_o:
  18. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    So, I'm just going to jump on around 9:30 GMT or whenever the race ends. I'll give a bit of room for the wrap up. First time I'll be racing right after the race. Should be cool. Let's see how accurate CM is. lol. BTW, they seem to be very close in their lap times.
  19. Gears went because that's how it is in the real world. Yes it would very nice to get that one chance to set the ratios before a season starts like they do in real life but the fact theres no career kind of negates that anyway. It doesn't worry me too much, I'm quite happy to have the diff, balance and tyre pressures in its place.

    Driving styles are definitely not irrelevant otherwise everyone would just use the same setup. What works for one person may be a nightmare for someone else. Same with regard to wheel and pad setups. They all make a difference to how the car feels to each of us. Hence why when I tested the bugged setup I couldn't get on with it and was immediately quicker when I went back to something of my own.
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  20. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    If this were a SIM, we would have gears. Plain and simple. Yoru argument about driving styles just reinforces the need for them to be there. In fact, they may be most important of all to your particular style. And I agree that styles matter, but not as much as you do. Otherwise, PC people would not use calculators as a base and race engineers would not be necessary. In addition, this is not real, of course, so we don't really know how much any particular "change" matters, much less how much it matters to me or you. That's why fast and long-time F1 gamers are still solidly in the extreme setup arena. With pCARS, it's more relevant, but I still think that calculator can get me closer to a great lap time faster than me tweaking to my "style".

    And then there is the "belief" that your setup is right, whether it actually is or not. I'm just as guilty as the next here. Camber is a good example. It was, and still is, killing people, but they either don't realize it and are still fast, or just can't imagine that 0.0 is a good idea. lol. Largely, because it's a game, and they are fast anyway, they can get away with it.