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Misc Meta-Normal Post Processing Filter w-Video Demo 2.5+

Meta-Normal Lighting and Presence Visual Effect Filter and LCD Revival

  1. Phosion submitted a new resource:

    New Normalized Post Process Filter - all around normalized lighting and effects

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  2. Joel


    Screenshots please! :thumbsup:
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  3. peat

    Premium Member

    Screenshots can be found in the link above.
  4. Yes, theres a video link above and i will add additional samples later today after work. This is a side proje t for me. Just run it and see, its only 3kb lol :)
  5. Screen Shots are up as well as a new daytime driving sample.
  6. out if curiousity. isnt this the same as just turning the pp effects off?
  7. No. The sun is still there just not so overbearing and hazy, the headlights have streaks but arent super unrealistic, the brake lights have a light haze around them, the bloom has streaks that blend and the darks arent so dark you cant see the dash and the white balance is different. you can adjust the script yourself if you'd like. I made this filter originally for "Normalizing" the effects and making it visible for people who kept saying they couldnt see and the effects were too wild. Its hard to capture all the effects at once in photo. I can make one with more of a Wow factor if your heart desires :)
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  8. With this you have more or less FPS?
  9. I run a 1090t 4.15ghz and hd 7970 and haven't seen any performance percentage increase. It's actually monitored on the video it you wanna watch i think it stays 60fps thru out minus done compression blur cuz the 2 min video was 1.5gb haha
  10. Phosion updated New Normalized Post Process Filter with a new update entry:

    Meta-Normalized Filter 2.22 w-SweetFX

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