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Merry Christmas

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by PetersonGP, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hohoho...;)
    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas Peterson and Everyone
    since we are at hardware section - here's a little slideshow I cooked up for the 3 parts guide I did on the F1 rim mod.

    oh the guide is here ->www.marcushwang.wordpress.com
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  3. Yes, Merry Christmas to everyone!
    Here's hoping Santa bring many new and fantastic simulator equipment to everyone (or atleast the wife let you buy something new).
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  4. Hohoho ...He was there, a really nice guy.He has brought a Playseat F1 and the ButtKicker Gamer 2.:)
    A great day.
    Let it snow,let itsnow...:whistling:
  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Merry Modmas!
  6. And a merry Xmas to you too Peterson and everyone.
  7. First of all, dont get me wrong, this is NO offense, BUT... I really would advice to take that tutorial off mate. You show how to destroy your wheel more then how to mod it.


    I do not even touch that in my mod!!

    Did you tell all here that you cannot put the Original PCB back in cause of the misplaced rotarys??( YOU NEED TO SAY THAT!!)
    Tell them about the holes you cut tooo big under the sli-pro displays?

    Sorry mate, i really like to see guys do that mod themselve but thats really not to be shown public! Some of my customers even think thats the way i do it.

    So again, this is NO offense to you mate!!!!! I löike that you mod for yourself and anything, just make it a bit more clear for everyone so they know what they end with.

    Kai aka Modmate
  8. no offence taken Kai, Merry christmas. I did this my way , not eveyone should follow and this is definitely just a guide. as I said in the tutorial, it is unorthodox, :D
    also the reason I do it lower as you said "too low" is because I don't want to cut the top , the SLI-PRO fits like a glove , it's perfect for me but maybe not for everyone.

    thanks for your kind advice . :)
  9. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly

    Hello Marcus,

    what kind of push buttons did you use for the 8 pushbuttons on the wheel? (brand/type)

    My pitlimiter button broke, it works sometimes...it's very annoying. So i decided to replace all the 8 push buttons.