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Merging of tracks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jay_p_666, May 14, 2009.

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  1. How many people think merging of tracks is the biggest missing feature as well as it should be a serious candidate to a next major release in BTB future ? We always heard about that feature missing and I don't know how many times I've read post about that in the suggestion thread...That being said, I would like to know who agree with it ?

    By opening this, I don't want to make any pressure, but just open a general discussion about it, so you can write your tips on how to build it easier using the current tool as well as some suggestions about tweaking it further.

    On the other hand, there is some unanswered questions floating in the air. Is it going to be released someday ? What are the limitation problems that make it so hard to implement ? I've heard about that loft function issue but never had a concrete answer...I think there is nothing bad about talking on the subject, so we can help each other. Nothing offensive. :skywalker:
  2. My section of this raly composed of 3 tracks and I would like to join in a single.

    Also be useful to edit long sections made in sections.

    Thank you
  3. fxs


    this poll is dispensable... "Yes" will win by 100%. :D

    I already read many posts questioning this and all seems "ignored" because we dont have any feedback (like u said... all is floating in the air).​

    Maybe Piddy already thought of hundred possibilities to solve it and not found yet.

    Maybe is impossible beacuse loft or another limitation. We dont know. We dont need to know.​

    Meanwhile he added features that spent less time in development or solution.​

    But everyone agrees: terrain is priority. Objects, cameras, are 3rd partys.​

    I know he shouldnt waste time to answer everything that was suggested here and focus this time in BTB developing... but would be interesting if he openly discussed of possibilities / problems / limitations. Would be great to calm down all questions about this.​


    only 3 ? try to do some kart track with elevation... like Interlagos (http://www.teamctr.com/equipe/adriano/kartodromos/interlagos.jpg) is painful :(
  4. The main things I would really like to see implimented in the future:

    1. Track merging
    2. The speeding up of features such as editing cross sections, camber and width on a large track (perhaps a new interface which allowed editing in the 3D view as well?)

    However I doubt it is easy for Brendon to come up with a solution to the track joining issue, otherwise he would have done it by now, so I don't think we should be pressuring him.
  5. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    jay_p_666, can you entertain me for a moment and create a new project that has only two tracks that you wish to merge. Don't add anything else to the project. Zip/Upload just the BIN file here. Thanks.
  6. i have a lot of problems with track merging, at current i using the terrain has any sort of offtrack,pit area,being the example from pembrey,wales. where the pitlane and the off road track and the garage sections are separated from one end but are combined at the other end.

    but i think we should let piddy decided what the most inportant updated,has i also need some sort of texture turn around on the terrain.:)

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  7. I think you're being a bit disingenuous. If you just want to open a general discussion, then why have the poll?

    As far as I can see the only reason for a poll can be [you hope] to strengthen your case and so make pressure.

    Just my two cents . .
  8. I think what piddy's done so far is nothing short of brilliant and I'me sure that when he feels it's time to make that decision he will make it happen untill then i think you should exercise a bit of patience after all that's what makes the waiting worthwhile.........exiting isn't it
  9. If we could cut the end of tracks in any direction (not only paralell to grid of mesh) I think that this issue would be solved.

    I meant something like that:


    This way all we have to do is to control the height of points in cut active track (blue) and it would be not necessary to concern about remaining polys.

    All the best,

  10. You try to be in my head and make supposition about what I think... post like that is not needed. At the other hand, you can say your opinion, I opened thread so we can hear what each other thing. The point is not to start war...

    Honestly, I don't know how to interprete your request. I know it's possible to put track very close to each other but not merging and have control over each track vertice. What I'm trying to say is that it's not possible to use the following 3 options like terrain that give us a complete control solution over the vertex/edge/faces : Move Anchors, Pull Edge, Split Face Edge and Merging of vertices.

    For example, merging of road like on attached pictures.

    The loft compound object create two lines for width and length values. I suppose adding thoses features would implore that you would have to convert as an editable mesh, and then it could not be possible to convert it back to loft which use most of feature like camber/width etc ?! Maybe I'm wrong. I also suppose this is why you use track anchor for terrain, and logically, it is converted as an edit mesh when exporting, so it stick nicely to the road edge. But what about if we could use a kind of new tool like terrain to create vertices, but that could be attached to road edges and end of road ? Using a value on the X and Y axis, we could set up width and length of the corners that bends toward the intersection.

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  11. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    @Satangoss, yes I did read your idea 2 weeks ago but it's not really necessary. I'll show why once jay_p_666 loads his example track. :wink2:
  12. :talktohand:Sorry Brendon, for the moment I don't have example track and have no time. But I know that you know what I mean. The current solution is awkward and tricky.
  13. I think merging of tracks is a good idea, however I think we have to remember that we are not up to version 1 of BTB yet and i am sure that this would be a something that would be implemented by then.

    Piddy has already noted the development in the last 12 months and he has gone from about v0.3 to V0.7 in pretty quick time.

    I am sure that if it was easy to merge the tracks in terms of coding then piddy would have done it by now!

    My vote is YES.... but in your own good time!

  14. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    This Poll is useless without fully knowing what you'd be trading for such a feature. If you changed the tittle to "Who thinks BTB should be slowed down to 1/5th of its speed in the next release that will ready for Christmas 2010?”, the results might look a little different.

    I have spent many hours contemplating an easier simple method of clicking two tracks together. There are several possible solutions I have in mind but I’m a long way from adding them to BTB for several reasons.

    One of those reasons is because I think perhaps people haven’t yet grasped the potential in the current BTB abilities. The attached pic shows two tracks, one tucks under the other. Many Set-Shape Surfaces are used to set the position of verts where the roads meet. It took me longer to write this email than to do the track.

    Merging is possible in BTB right now. v0.8 makes it a bit easier with some of the new interface I am adding, but there's nothing stopping you from doing this now.

    Perhaps it would help if I upload a few examples to get people started?

    Stop writing in the suggestions thread and you might find a few more hours each day. :laugh2:

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  15. Then if you would have just share thoses solutions and what you say ''now'' with us, you would not have that poll and thread added, and suggestions and save time in your life. Why people are so angry ?! Is it too hard to have a standard discussion ? Do I have argue you personally or be unpleasant with you ? The answer is no, but the way you see it give another dimension to the result you give me.
  16. Maybe if i'm here talking with you is because I have same interests as you... which is make BTB better. Okay, maybe I don't have your skill and it's not me who are behind the front of PC at coding hard time each day, but you say in BTB website, that you are dedicated at making it the best trackbuilding tool regarding any commercial success or failure. Also, you say that if we write in suggestion thread, maybe you would add features, because you like to code btb and is part of your dream.

    What you don't know, is that in fact, I add suggestion not specially for my personal use, but more for you to make it better. In fact (again), I pass more time on this forum and checking on BTB website than using BTB. Why ? Maybe you will say I'm stupid, but like another person say on this forum, I like more to wait and dream than actually have it and it seems it's good for the brain. :D

    I don't say this to argue, but just a sense of humor. I find that news today, scientific just discovered.

  17. Also, I have some premature signs of epilepsy altough I still don't have it. Now I say, this is why you waited so long for GB xpack. Maybe that is because of the 14hours a day I was in front of my PC screen. But I hope people like Pearson enjoy it very muuuuuuch. Heh. Anywya (hopefully), I will try to be a little less in front of pc screen and enjoy the summer time.
  18. One last thing... I don't like negative energy. It's not needed to throw at another person.:wink2:
  19. After one hour of screen radiation, I start to feel bad now. But it goes like wave, I mean If I stop today and don't watch any screen, in two weeks, I will be okay and can restart watching for some hours. I was doing that when working on GB xpack. But it is like If I was running to my own lost. It's not good to play with health. Now I feel bad, and I will have problem to sleep hehe, I have to take a shower, I feel better after that. **** health, that is the most important thing in life. But mine is ****. :disapointed:

    Going to shower XD .... Cheeeers!
  20. fxs


    well.. merging is possible right now but is not so precise as it should be.

    merge more than 2 tracks sections with elevation is a big painful challenge... for masoquists is a good entertainment.


    ps: ok i know.. i will reduce the number of polygons in straights :D

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