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Released Mercedes W124 250D

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by SwiftPL, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hi! Today I want to share with you my new car: Mercedes W124 250D. Some info:

    Author of the model: Falkrum
    Conversion to Racer: SwiftPL
    Engine: 2.5L, 5 cylinders, 94HP
    Car has got scripts for indicators, hazard lights, and high-beam lights.

    full credits in ReadMe.

    Car is not ideal, has got some bugs, but I think it's not bad for second released car :) Hope you got me some reviews.... thanks!


    Download 4Shared
    Download Zippyshare




    Download Zippyshare
    Download Speedyshare
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  2. I'll give it a try, looks good.
  3. Drives pretty good, but i didn't felt the weight of the car the is a bit too sensitive like on the 190D, another thing which i didn't like is the car sound, I think you should find a proper 5 cylinder sound, current ones is a typical 4 cyl.
  4. There obviously is potential in this release, but it needs a good amount of work still.

    Always start with the basic things, they're as easy to get right as they are important. Dimensions are way off, the vehicle is significantly too large, it's too heavy, the weight distribution is dubious, unsprung masses especially in the rear are set too high. Those make up the groundwork for the actual setup process on suspension, tyres and such.

    Also check the engine output, the transmission ratios (the model shows the optional four-speed automatic, but the numbers say standard manual five-speed), coefficient of drag - all info that is easy to find in brochures and places like the official wiki.mercedes-benz-classic.com website, w124.org and similar.

    qlog.txt shows you how many issues there are - missing files, missing and obsolete car.ini parameters. .tga texture files could use RLE compression for reduced filesize. There is no horn sound referenced in car.ini. The cg shader version has all the shadowing disabled, that makes the car look worse than it actually is. The needles for the interior dials are displayed too narrowly, hard to read and not matching with the static needles. All in all, there is a an afternoon worth of various small bits of cleaning to do.
  5. Thanks for your opinions :) Today or tomorrow I will post here a fixed car.
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  6. Cosmo beat me to the Qlog errors.
    The lights don't illuminate anything at night.
    fog, radio and zap on dont' appear to have any effect.
    The readme should have info as to what keys activate what.
    I made some key changes to the signals rsx file, just change the txt to rsx,
    Some time ago I posted a list of key codes to be used in scripts so that the normal keys used by most people are not used in scripts. Keys like up/down, left/right arrows, page up/down <,> {/},[/] etc..
    read the rsx file to see the changes.

    Keep up the good work.

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  7. Looks nice. Was going to use it on the loading screen for Lime Creek - Winter,
    but decided to ask you first. Next release perhaps? :)
  8. The model is still too large, weight distribution remains at 45% front bias and qlog is still 51KB for a single loading of the car - the other updates were OK though :)
  9. When you get all the errors fixed post an update on the first post in this thread, please
  10. This is my video :D