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Automobilista Racing Club (LIVE))

Skins Mercedes STIHL Team 1.0

Full Team

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  1. No comment...This is perfect! ;):thumbsup: wOOw! :)
  2. Thanks. :)
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  3. :thumbsup:
  4. how do you make new team whole because i dont know? or maybe you want to make for me with name changes etc. i want ajax amsterdam whole team?
  5. Just need to modify the texture files.
    And if you want to change the name of the team you will need to edit that in the language file.
  6. ok only what for progams do you need?
  7. To modify textures first export dds files from pssg using ryder's pssg editor and to edit the language file use ryder's language editor.
    Then to modify the textures i use photoshop.
  8. What an awesome job,thank you VERY much.:thumbsup::cool::notworthy:
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  9. ok really thx i give it a try you are great
  10. Sure, best of luck.
  11. A foretaste of the mod Dtm;)very nice!:thumbsup:
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  12. Chinoy

    Friend ... Good Night

    I'm from Brazil

    How do I only ask you a full SKIN?

    For applications on the page respond anyone requests

    Thanks and nice work
  13. Thanks.
    I'm not getting you clearly, sorry for that.
    What do you mean by "For applications on the page respond anyone requests"
    You want a car skin to be done?
  14. I think he meant that , yes.
  15. Gerald

    Sorry .... my english is horrible

    There is one page on the site to make requests for paintings of cars and helmets

    But there is no response to my requests

    Can I request a complete painting team particularly by e.mail?

    I hope I have expressed myself better

    Thanks for your attention

  16. You can PM me.
  17. I'm sorry ...

    Do not understand the "PM", which means?
  18. Private message.Click on his photo and there is an option which called "start a conservation" and you can write him about what you want from him.
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