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Mercedes SLS GT3 or AMG GT3?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Maagik, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Hey peeps
    I am having trouble deciding which car to use for a league I have entered. I feel comfortable with the SLS but i've heard the AMG can be a better car... What is your guys opinions?

  2. My opinion shouldnt matter. Just try them both and pick whatever suits you best.
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  3. ouvert


    Somebody who digged in physics files said that they basically copied physics from sls to amg (just like 650s and mp4 12c) so it shouldn't be that much difference.. Amg sounds better so i would go with it
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  4. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    The SLS is an older car, I haven't raced it in a while. Having done some races with the AMG GT3 at Brands, Spa, and Monza I can say that the car feels similar to the SLS but it's a bit more nervy at the limit. This can be also due to not having enough time with the car to set it up properly. The AMG has a shorter wheelbase so that alone makes it more nimble on short to medium tracks. I've found that on tracks like Monza the AMG chassis is also more slippery (lower drag coefficient) yielding higher top speed.

    You have to choose what you feel most comfortable with, consistency will win you more points that fastest laps.
  5. Spend 1 or 2 hours doing lap after lap with each car.

    Whichever one feels most consistent for fastest laps, choose that one :)
  6. well, Dubai 24 hours proved the newer AMG slow and the older SLS fast.
  7. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    No it didn't.

    It proved that a car that has been around for 5 years has had its growing pains ironed out and was able to finish a grueling 24hr race where as the AMG GT3 were on average half a second faster over one lap.
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  8. Having similar suspension mounting points between similar cars doesn't mean is copy paste. Just that in real life they used the same car platform. When Mclaren says they completely revised the suspension in the 650s gt3 compared to mp4-12c gt3, doesn't mean they didn't use similar or identical mounting points but what actually changed was performance and durability of the suspensions. And same for other components in the car.
    This also doesn't mean that the amg gt3 and 650s gt3 in game are 100% as they are in real life, because it can also be that mercedes and mclaren didn't share yet everything about the car to companies who licensed their car for video games. So here, I don't leave the possibility that these cars may suffer updates in the future, even if just hidden updates. We don't know their policy and agreements.

    I just find it disrespectful to open private files of the game, and then compare cars and raw data when you don't know how creating a car in game and real life works.
  9. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Personally I have a feel that I can be faster with the SLS, but more consistent with the AMG. But about 1 sec per lap slower, do some laps with it and see what car you feel most comfortable.
  10. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    To me the SLS feels way nicer to drive than the AMG atleast on default setup, but the internal sounds of the SLS are just a hot pile of garbage. If I had to do an endurance race with either of the two I'd pick the AMG just because I would be driven bloody insane by the Dyson-5000 that is the SLS.
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  11. ouvert


    Well i didn't open any files :) im just curious if they are using little shortcuts in producing new content as they are trying to fill the game with a much content as possible for console release (like using tyres from one car on another resulting having nice stable car when in reality those tyres were reasons why that cars was stopped being used cause its suspension and designs was not able to handle those tyres...thus ingame suspension is made to work with them out those tyres are made up )..
  12. In this post you're talking about lotus 72d and ferrari 312t tires. If they indeed are the same, of course I'd like for the 72d to receive the firestone tires which this car used. Maybe the devs saw an opportunity to make the racing in-game more balanced between 72d and 312t, but from a driving simulation stand is more satisfying to drive in game with the components the car used in real life, as possibly it preserves more true characteristics of the car.

    But is a different thing when talking about very similar car platforms between different generation, but not so different, gt3 mclaren cars and lamborghini-audi.
  13. ouvert


    ok but doesn`t it show that they are willing to sacrifice realism to safe time? (as if 72D would have realistic suspension it would behave completely different with those tyres)
    making 72D competible to 312T makes no sense as it wasn`t ..
    also I do believe differences between 650s vs 12c are big enough and there is too many of them to result in different physics files .. but who knows .. I like 650s, AMG and 72D so I don`t really have problem with those cars, you just have to trust devs to be able to enjoy game .. and things like this dosn`t help ...
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  14. First of all, PRC didn't show any encrypted data about 72D, and nothing to compare with the real car. Has anyone asked Kunos why they chose to make the same tires for 72d and 312t before jumping to conclusions and wandering about the other physics components of this car?

    And then about the two Mclaren GT3 cars, PRC only showed the wishbone mounting points and steering rod being the same. What about bumpstop, damper, suspension movement range. Though he showed baseY and track width being different.
  15. Thanks very much for the responses guys this is helpful knowing how everyone else feels about these two cars. So far I'm most comfortable and quicker in the SLS but I need to do more running with the AMG. I agree with you Cristian that the AMG is more nervy on the limit. An example would be at the Nurburgring through the Schumacher S's the SLS is easy to get thru there at high speed barely lifting where as with the AMG I keep loosing it there or going through there drastically slower. Anyway thanks for the comments, much appreciated.
  16. ouvert


    oh I don`t care too much about PCR :) .. for me it is simple: real 72D with tyres from 312T wouldn`t work cause of its designe and front suspension, yet it is one of most enjoyable cars in the game. So either 312T has wrong tyres, or suspension on 72D is made to work with those tyres
    In case of 650s I was more worried about aero supposedly being the same while it is way different irl ..
    .. in both cases it is compromise in realism .. that is all .. I still enjoy 72D and 312T as historic cars is what is Kunos good at (in terms of enjoyablility) and AC is still in my Top5 :) .. but lets not bloat this thread, I blieve it is being disscussed elsewhere
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  17. Hey guys. does anyone have a setup for the SLS @ Donnington? Struggling there at the moment.
  18. that was debunked, i checked it myself. the physics were manually edited.

    Back on topic i prefer the sls, the amg sounsd better but my laptimes just seem faster with the sls regardless of the setup.
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