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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 @ Imola

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Sabine Schmitz, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Hello people!

    was tinking about posting my setup for Imola. when I am in a good flow I do 1.45.xxx all the time with sometimes a high 1.44 but how i did it I don't know but my record is a (EDIT) 1.44.243. and i get very close to that in hotlaps. my imola skills in the merc aren't that good at the moment (spinning out or steering in or braking on the wrong moment regullarly happen) but i find it a very good setup. i have seen guys do 1.43's in the merc so it is either my skills or the setup. (note: i drive very aggresive like cutting kerbs)

    feel free to use and tweak it and i am very curious to your laptimes. if you tweaked it and posted a faster laptime with it, please post it and explain what you have done to make it faster to make me better understand the tuning in further setups!! ;)

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  2. Thx will try.
    I think a big advantage of the SLS GT3 is the ability to run over kerbs without a problem. I had struggles with the mp4 to get 1.44 ish times, but with the SLS I can constantly do 1.44 with a slightly modified default setup
  3. thanks
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  5. so I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked my setup and made some progress in laptimes. I'm doing 1.43.7xx (EDIT: 1.43.435) in qualify and 1.44.4xx and up in the race. [EDIT] a friend of mine tried my setup and posted a 1.42.7xx in qualify (0_o'). [/EDIT]

    so here are my setups. qualify is on softs (don't know how long they last) and 3 laps (lap 1 out of pits and warm-up) equals 7 liters. for the race I use medium and i have for 10 laps fuel in it (20 liters is 10.2 laps for me). if your race/qualify session is longer than that just increase the amount of fuel.

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  6. thanks!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks !
  8. I took the Sabine race setup and make several tweaks to it.

    1:42.4 in race trim.

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  9. is it recorded by rsr live timing as a valid lap?? fantastic time btw, going to check on it tomorrow as it is 23:57 (t.o.w.) where i live.
  10. Thanks !
  11. hmm I cannot see a SLS/Imola section there which is a bit weird.
  12. Thank's
  13. Here are two setups for race and qualifikation. With Racesetup I did a 1:46.175 @first GTC Race of Virtual Racing e.V.

    With Q Setting not really faster ... only 46.047 :D

    These Setups are valid for the current Release

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  14. What times are you getting now guys? Cause I was only able to do mid 1,44 and previously I was doing high 1,42- low 1,43.
  15. Doing high 1m42 (just), but mainly low 1m43 in race trim last week
  16. Then my setup sucks xD