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Mercedes AMG Petronas W03 F1 2012 3D model for F1 2011(download)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Done with W03! Includes TV offset camera.

    PS: Mirrors to be fixed as soon as the F1 2012 full version is released.

    Download: <removed - 2012 game content doesn't belong to the 2011 game and could cause legal trouble>

    Screenshot from f1 2011.

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  2. Fantastic Work :) Will try now this Car ingame hope not again the problem with the Tires

    Greetings SaCra
  3. This is only car i wanted, many thanks, if i have no probs with winXP inhome i will very hapy man. Thanks again, master.:roflmao:

    P.S. Very please somebody with XP to try this car and answerhere is it works... I'm at work now and can't test it... ;)
  4. hopefully :thumbsup:
  5. ur welcome! :D

    Umm...if f1 2011 works on ur Xp,then i'm sure this gonna work too...it has nothing to do with shaders or dx11 ...its just a 3d model and sets of textures...i'm sure it gonna work :)
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  6. Thanks again! :geek:
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  7. Thanks again, I cannot wait for the rest of the teams, is it just me or is the new cars slower?
  8. I haven't tried them giving hot laps....but i kept the original ctf files safe.
  9. fitti


    Good work. But I have outside mirrors. I do not know why. Counseled me. Thank you for your answer.
  10. When is the next one coming out?? (Excited)
  11. :thumbsup:
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  12. The first post says it all! mirrors to be fixed as soon as the final version released :thumbsup: although Ferrari F2012 will come without any mirror issues except it doesn't have a mirror at all...
  13. Next minute or two :p
  14. I've tried the mclaren 2012, replacing all files, and I feel the car is different, the wheel turns as 2012 demo. Maybe I played the demo too...the best will replace files only visual
  15. yeah thats what i'm talking about...i'm only replacing visuals...i don't really like how the car handles in f1 2012
  16. +1 ;)
    So the files not copy are .ctf? sorry for my very bad english...
  17. yep! :D
  18. that files modified to display the helmet and gloves?
  19. Why so long?
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