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Cars Mercedes A45 Cup v1.11

Mercedes A45 Cup

  1. Haven't tried running it yet but noted a few install difficulties:
    After unzipping the dl folder, I moved the "mercedes_a45_Cup 64 bits" folder nested inside the mods folder in your archive to the Mods subfolder of pCars, as instructed. I then ran GME and attempted to activate the mod. It came up with a warning message that the mods.txt file had already been modified by your Focus RS mod (which I had installed, with no apparent problem, along with your GT86 Turbo mod, earlier). I clicked "OK" anyways adn then found when I opened mods.txt that the Mercedes stuff was in the file but the GT86 and focus stuff was gone - I guess the mods'txt file was either edited or overridden by GME - I had to re-enter those elements again, manually. Needs a fix.