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Cars Mercedes 190 RM1 V8 JUDD 1.0

hillclimb,bergcup german 190 eboo zahspeed3d

  1. eboo submitted a new resource:

    Mercedes 190 RM1 V8 JUDD - hillclimb,bergcup german 190 eboo zahspeed3d

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  2. Now this comes as a surprise. How long have you been working on this already?
  3. 24 days
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  4. It's a terrific car. Love these kind of hillclimb racers.
  5. any chance to see Georg Plasa's cars in the future? 320 E36 & 134 E82?
  6. E36 JUDD confirmed - give thanks to Nicolas Ferrarotto.
    134JUDD-at this moment I have no plans, but do not rule out the construction of the car and the next - maybe on the crowdfunding idea as will interest. Soon I'll bet on the forums and see what you think about it
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  7. Glaurung

    Premium Member

    Great work, thanks @eboo
  8. thx!
  9. wont load for me :(
  10. Great Mod thx:thumbsup::thumbsup:
    but the Driver and builder of this car, Reto Meisel (it's a well-known one of mine) is from Switzerland and not from Germany:geek:
    greetings from switzerland:D