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Other Menu Icons - some new skins V2.25 V2.25

menu icons

  1. SCE_SR submitted a new resource:

    2 Camaro Menu Icons - camaro menu icon

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  3. How does one load this into the game please....Some instructions would be good. Thanks.
  4. Yes, u are right. I added to the description.

    U must simply copy the whole Series folder into your AMS main folder. Thats it.
    If you would like to switch a StockcarV8 or SuperV8 icon, choose your *.tga file from the alternate folders and copy into your Series folder and override the old one. Dont forget to backup your files.
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  5. Hi...Thank you.
  6. Hi there, thank you for your icons, I use them and some of Pudu's, but mostly your cause they have smaller font and skins are more ...colourful. =) Great job, especially since you've done it with non-profesional program.
    Anyway... can I ask you to make some icon for this mod/carset:
    cause no one make them and default one look quite dull.
    Only,:D if you could not to make it from Penske Marlboro car, it could be mixed with McLaren from F1 '88 mod. Maybe from Mansell car, it looks pretty and he was the cahmpion that year after all. Sorry for being this picky. :rolleyes:
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  7. Ahh, this man has wishes. :D Sure, no prob.
    Nice to hear u like it. I use Gimp, not the best, but works.
    I do what i can. Give me some time.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
  8. SCE_SR updated Menu Icons - some new skins with a new update entry:

    Completely revised and improved render quality + new icons

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  9. Thanks once again. Montana looks great. :thumbsup:
    Say... not sure if you know but, for some time already, you don't have to name "tga" and "srs" files on strict chronological order... with that "Reiza" prefix, you know... like "Reiza24", "reiza25",...
    Like I said, not sure if you know that, I see you keep mention "reiza##" in your text but ..it doesn't have to be this way. Not anymore.
    You can name them as ANY way you want it, just making sure both files from the same mods are named the same. For example, my F1 2005 mod is named - "F1 2005", accordingly. :D That's great, cause it's easier for keep a track of different mods, like that legendary CART Extreme:inlove: mod is not some silly "reiza26" but "CART Exetreme".
  10. Yes i know. But i like this chronological sorting. I can change this detail in the install.txt, next update. :cool:
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
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  11. @SCR_SR

    These icons are great, any chance you could do one for the BMW_E90 please;)
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  13. Thank you mate, would be appreciated. :)
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  14. Mate, can I ask... from where did you get those pics for '75 mod ?
    They must come from some... fictional liveries, and let me tell you... they not represent RL '75 racing we've got with this mod:
    Can you please consider update it with this one. It's always better, if possible, to have RL cars, imo.

    Also... only one icon for CART mod in this last version. Only "Target" car. Why oh why ? :-/ I use "Motorola" car.
  15. No, these icons dont representing the correct year, not necessarily be. I use the original skins when they are good enough for a icon, imo. Thats the reason why. The 93'er Indys was a special job for u... ;)
    The Retros are Oswego Speedway skins, a Jaguar and Lightning Jack. Some 75'er are in the next update.

    Pudu has already 8 icons for the Cart mod. I thought its enough for the moment.

    Edit: A bit patience, next version i make some Carts.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
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  16. Last Update 0.9.9b has changed the sort sequence. With Brit-Pack or 0.9.9r i give a update to correct this.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2016