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Melbourne Track Update HD

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by dejanibanez, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. FPS for many falls?
  2. absolutely not, no fps drop, as the textures are the same size as the original :)
  3. Great work! Will you be doing a pack with all tracks when you've finished? Also which tracks have you completed with the new tarmac?
  4. I will upload all the tracks one by one here, delhi and melbourne are completed, the rest will follow soon
  5. Thank you. But I already knew! You are strong!;)
  6. Thank you, again!!!!:)
  7. Nice..Thank you!
  8. Hi, I applaud your effort but under further examination you can see that the texture doesnt stitch together that well over the full track. A bit like wallpaper not quite aligned properly. The texture your using must be a shade darker on one edge to the other so when it is stitched together by the game over the whole track, in places you can see a slight striping effect. Standing still the texture looks awesome, but racing the stripping effect is slightly off-putting for me. This doesnt happen with the original tarmac texture. I run the game with max detail on everything and its not any graphics glitch with my system. A slight tweak in the texture you're using would result in an awesome track update.
  9. yes I know i'm back with the original tarmac texture, I will modify melbourne with original also now like on Sepang
  10. merci
  11. maybe post all tracks in just 1 Post, Thanks btw nice work^^
  12. So does that mean there is no HD Tarmac or have you edited the original texture into HD?
  13. the tarmac is HD , original texture edited into HD
  14. Could you please post the link of Delhi ? I can't find it in the DL section.
  15. Just tested these out and I am impressed, well done mate :thumbsup:

    Look forward to getting the rest of the tracks :)
  16. new link will be up when I convert all the other parts of the track into hd!
  17. new link is up