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Melbourne in career mode

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by ptroinks, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. I've just started my second season with Williams, and, of course, the first race is in Melbourne. I've been racing against pro AI until now, but I tend to be a lot faster than them (at most tracks), so I decided to set the difficulty to legend. The difference is huge, to say the least. I've got my car set up as I like it, but I guess I'm doing something wrong, because I just can't get my lap times down. At my very best, I might do a 1.25.xxx lap time. The AI does far better, and I have seen a few youtube videos where people are doing 1.19.xxx. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Of course, at this stage, I don't have any upgrades to my car, and that makes a difference, but with the AI doing lap times of 1.23, I should be able to match them. Does anyone have some "tips and tricks" to share with me that might help?
  2. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least Premium Member

    Remember you're in a Williams that doesn't have any upgrades yet. Ppl setting 1:19s are doing it in TT mode or online and that's a much faster car.
    In our xbox league this season the average Quali lap time was 1:24.6 (fastest was 1:22.2) and that's with cars set to 'equal'.
    I think you're doing fine for the car you're driving and the mode you're in. :)
    From what i remember the AI are fast around Melbourne too.
  3. Im doing my first season with Williams. Its really difficult in Legend AI difficulty. I can finish 9th or 10th, nothing higher than that. But its quite easy to win the race with the Williams in Professional..
  4. 1:25 in a stock Williams with no R&D upgrades is a pretty decent time.
  5. Strange. I read a .. maybe month ago that on Xbox you have more grip and with a Williams on Season 1 I did 1.22.366 a few weeks ago.

    Firstly, how are your assists? I've never used any on F1 2011 but I know that ABS and Auto Gearbox and such are slowing you down, not speeding you up. Also, you're with a wheel or a pad? If you're with a pad or a keyboard than it's not a bad time. It's a game for a wheel so without it you won't be able to play very good. Tips & Tricks.. Hmm.. I can't tell you anything without seeing a gameplay of you but setups do make a huge difference.
  6. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least Premium Member

    I've heard that as well, but i'm not convinced that it's true yet.
    Where did you read it? on the pages here or somewhere else?
    If you read it somewhere else could you post a link? I'd love to read it.
  7. It was here I think. Try the "Is this very good driving or...?" thread. I watched the videos from Noble there and he really has an incredible amount of grip. It really is more than I do. And there is around a second (I'm not sure) between our lap times. So in my opinion it is true. Actually when I'm on a Time Trial session, I have the same grip as he has in the race. That's the way I feel it. It may be right, it may be wrong.

    For your driving.. We all need to see you drive so we can judge. Without a gameplay - we can't tell you much except that car setups make a big difference.
  8. Here's a lap from my career, I hope it will help you find those seconds :)
  9. Sorry about not responding sooner.

    I'm playing on the PC, using a G27 and all assists off. Victor, that's an impressive lap time! How is your car set up? I don't know what my lap time is with fuel mix 3, but I guess I'll be doing a little bit faster lap times. I'll record a lap and post it here so I can get your feedback. Thanks for your help so far :).
  10. wow that was a really nice lap time. And you could actually improve in a few corners. 1.22.5 on the primes. That surely is an awesome setup. I understeer a lot more with the Williams. I don't know what you've done to it but it has worked! :D
  11. Here's my lap! It's not my best one (still a good lap, though), but it shows how I drive, and you can see my set up. As I said before, I don't use any assists, and I use a G27. Please disregard my obvious mistake at 0:59.

  12. Without concentrating on your video.. The first thing I see is that you don't use the whole track.

    Turn 1 - you started turning too late. Your breaking point was fine but you should start the turning earlier.

    Turn 2 - you can take more speed through it

    Turn 3 - you said it by yourself :D

    Turn 4 (1:10) - you don't use the whole track and you can carry quite a lot more speed through it.

    After it you shouldn't touch the grass but I think you know this :D

    Turn 5 - perfect

    Turn 6 & 7 - perfect again

    Turn 8 - You don't use the whole track again. If you use it - you'll be able to carry more speed through it.

    Turn 9 (1:50) - Again, use more track.

    Turn 10 - Perfect breaking point but for turn 11 you should use more track... I mean.. Take it wider.

    Overall not a bad lap. Your setup is probably slowing you down. I use 1/1 height and a lot softer suspension. The bug may be kinda fixed with Patch 1.2 but I think that again with 11/11 setup - the car has the most grip. And I use 1/11 anti roll bars. This way your tire wearout is the least and you have a lot grip. The problem is that the car is oversteering a little but it's not critic. I prefer a little oversteer than a lot more tire wearout altho you use 6/11 wings - you like understeer. I'm always with 10/11 wings or 9/11. But in a top car. I don't know what I'd use in a Williams. The (1.22.3xx) lap time I did in Williams was with 10/11 wings. For your Alignments - they're wrong. Everything there is wrong. First two always all the way to the left and 2nd two always all the way to the right. Or it was the opposite? I think it's this way. The car is a lot more responsive, a lot faster and has a little more cornering grip. Too bad you can't use Large breaks so you have to balance it by making the fronts/rears - 43/57. You should try making the Pressure to Medium and going over 50 front breaks. It MAY break better.

    I can't think of anything else now. Try some of this and tell me what's the result. Also, you're doing it on Primes. On Options - you'll be faster. :D
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  13. You mean harder suspension? My suspension is on the soft side, and I always need softer rear susp. than in front. If not, my car oversteers all over the place.

    Yes! I hate oversteer so much that I'd rather understeer a little too much! I think we have very different driving styles :).

    It would have to be this way for the car to be responsive, but with both front and rear toe out, the car oversteers a lot, so I don't like it. I'll play around with it, though. You say you set the camber all the way to the left, front and rear. I don't understand that. I thought the point was to just have the amount of camber that you need. If you have too much, you lose grip and traction. I'll try some higher settings and see how it works out.

    The way my brakes are set, It's really hard to lock my wheels, so I like it. At the same time, if the rear of the car slides, I just need a tap on the brakes to prevent spinning.

    I'll try some more and report back :). And yes, I'm aware that running on Options and fuel mix 3 gives me a better lap time :D.
  14. The alignments are bugged. Make them like this, you'll see a big difference.

    By 1/1 I mean the height, not the hardness. Your settings are:


    For quali laps I always use

    And yes, we do have different driving styles. I don't mind oversteering but I hate understeering. I love good front end.

    You can see this here, I'm using the racing line as I don't drive very often and it's easier for me. And in ARL - it's not forbidden, so.. :p

  15. You use 1,1,11,11 for quali laps on every track? Is the car set up bugged in the game altogether? How about the race itself? Still 1,1,11,11?
    I also love good front wheel grip, but I can never seem to combine that with a rear end that won't slide out and cause me to spin. That's the only reason I keep the front wing as low as I do.
  16. It depends. I'm always 1/1 but the 11/11 creates a lot tire wearout so I decide for 2 secs before the race how should I run it. I usually make 1 more pit stop when I'm against the AI so I almost always use 11/11 against the AI. But when I'm driving against real players, it's different. You should decide for yourself. :p
  17. That sounds strange to me. So there's just about no reasons at all to run suspension at anything else than 11/11? What do you feel is different when you drive against other players (other than them being human, of course)?
  18. I just experimented the suspension. Usually a stiffer rear suspension should help understeer at the corner exit. It doesn't The car just slides more and you lose some grip. 11/11 again.. Even after Patch 1.2.. Good job CM! really good job!
  19. Let's hope things will improve with F1 2012...
  20. I never use 11/11 and I can I'm pretty competitive as I'm always in top 5 in the RD league and club so I don't think 11/11 is bugged after the patch. 11/11 springs is just too stiff for me and I usually go for 8-8 or 9-8 in Q and 8-7 in the race cause this is a lot better or for the tyres. And 1-1 hight is not the best too. The car has a lot more grip with 1-2 or 1-3. Yep the all the left camber is a must especially at tracks like Suzuka but it's not working good at Monza.