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Tracks Melbourne GP ( 2 seasons, DRS) 1.07

Melbourne for AMS

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Melbourne GP ( 2 seasons, DRS) - Melbourne for AMS

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  2. Patrick, you are genius! Was waiting for this track for SCE and never found decent version. And now we have it in AMS. Thank you, you just made my evening...
  3. Thanks. I forgot to say that this version has the random skies ;)
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  4. Nice track, really good for FV10, just small issues I saw:
    This building has strange texture on the side
    And some fences have textures only on one side. In most cases this doesn't matter but there are places when you see flying bits attached to fence when watching from track cameras. For example last corner[​IMG]
    Maybe you could fix that?
  5. Could be by using a double sided texture I suppose. Will fix it if possible with the aiw update
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  6. Building seems to be ok. In fact it is like a stand if you look closer.

    For fences. I have fixed them. Uploading now, but same fix for walls and agrass fix too.
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  7. Yeah, just realised now that there's a stadium :D
    Thanks for quick fix, but some fences still don't have their textures
    But I think we can wait for the fix until Gringo will be back from holidays and make new AIW. Just no need to make fast fixes when still there's one to upload;)
  8. It Is Not a fence In fact, but a "wall". All fences have been updated for sure. I updated walls quickly (There are a lot of advertising And different wall) but I missed this one (without pause I think We dont really notice It). Can You make a larger shot? I dont really see where Is this one.
  9. Photo is from last corner but I made a test and nearly all walls have one-side texture, mostly plain green, green metal wall, green-yellow, with Melbourne and Qantas logos. Also pit entrance has this problem.
  10. Ok. I Will see that later. Did Not see so much empty spaces In replays but I Will Have a look
  11. tpw


    Hi Patrick, many thanks yet again for your hard work! It's great to see yet another Aussie track released with your high quality standards.

    My only complaint is that the ceiling of the grandstand on the main straight is blinding white, looks like a giant fluorescent light panel. I tried to take a pic but Steam screenshots stopped working for some reason.
  12. My only complaint is that I will never hit the apex of turn one properly :confused:


    Beautiful work on this track. Thanks for this one.
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  13. I know. I did not take time to fix that, and honestly I dont really know what texture I could use here but I will give a look later
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  14. tpw


  15. Oh man, you are the best Patrick!
  16. Thanks! You are the one !!!!
  17. Patrick Giranthon updated Melbourne GP ( 2 seasons, DRS) with a new update entry:

    AIW update

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  18. PieterN


    Thanks Patrick and Gregory !
  19. Awesome to read GP4 was the source. Someone needs to take their Hockenheim and Monaco.