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Melbourne - Division 2 Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Olli Hirvonen, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. 2nd in quali, spinned at the first lap. Then later had disappearing cars (network problem?).

    I think I ruined someones race after pitstops. I really didn't see the car, it was invisible. After that I decided it is better to quit so I dont hit anyone else. Sorry to who that was.

    Feeling like blah right now. Maybe a short break from racing will do good
  2. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts

    ok quali with 9th but the race. well first corner ok but goin into 3 it was mayhem sorry for whoever i tapped slithgly but then i was slowing down and i just got reard by someone who seemed like he didnt braked so i pitted and on hte 9th lap my graphics card failed and i had to restart my comp. veryh annoyed to races in a row i havent finished. :(
  3. Hi All,

    My qualy went ok in the first beginning, and at the end i pushed the car to a PB..

    At the start of the race Olli passed me and spinnend in first lap.. Too bad Olli!

    For the rest of the race the first stint was short, too make a very long 2nd stint.. Tyres went very bad at teh end of race and had to slow down.. But had a comvortable lead.. I think a lot of mayhem ( need to see replay ) to bad off 8 finsishers..

    See ya at next track!

  4. Sart went safe which is all I aim for. Then in T3 I got hit and spun round. Suspension damage but the car handled okay so I stayed out.

    At some point I hit Valerio from behind and spun him round too (T4). I missjudged his the speed difference into the corner. He had damaged susppension after that and pitted to fix it. Sorry Valerio. I really was trying hard not to run into people.

    I hot someone in the second last corner too somewhere I think. Bad bad bad :(

    Then there was the saga of the invisible cars. I saw Nicholas' driver name, but no car. He let me through though after I followed very carefully. Thanks mate, sorry for your bad luck there.

    A lap or two later I came through turn 1 at full speed and bam! I hit something. Didn't see a driver name anywhere :( had to pit and then messed the pit up and had to go around again. Did that twice.

    Somehow I also had way too much fuel. I think I finished with 38 litres or someting.

    Close to the end I came up behind Valerio again to unlap myself. I was too cautious and messed up my exit at T10 (I think it was). Lost control. The car fish tailed and I smacked the wall loosing my front wing. Went to pit and just as I exited the pits Coen finished the last lap.

    I messed up a few times and almost crashed out... BUT I finished!!!! WHOOHOOO!!!!

    Grats to Coen who had a lonely drive as did most of us towards the end.
  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi guys
    quali in 14th position so at the jump start from the back I could see in T1 and T3 cars everywere I dont know how I walk through. so Im in 6th position but at turn Ascari fault the brake go in the sand 3 or 4 cars overtake me lost my position and few laps later in T4 ( must see replay ) Werner hit me damage suspension and go in pit for repair when jump out of pit think Im in 14th position but little by little the cars on tarmac less and less.so Finished the race in 6th position.More than a sprint race was a elimination race.ahahahahaha

    C U on track GUYS:thumbup:

    PS No problem Werner along the race happens this and other:smile:.
  6. Very bad race for me, but happy to finish so I could have some points and maintain my 3rd place in the driver championship. It could have been a lot worse !

    8th, but 0.5 sec slower than my best time. I could be 2 places up it the starting grid, but it's entirely my fault I couldn't do better.

    5th. My worst finish position since the beginning of this championship, but it's a miracle I finished that race.
    By looking at the other driver's comments, some of you didn't see me. I hope we'll have an explanation, because my skin was the same as always (a very standard Kimi).
    After a good start, I hit a little Werner in T1 that was late to accelerate in the exit of that turn, but he was OK. Then I was hit by Tom in T3 and that broke my suspension. I managed to repair it but lost lot of time in this incident.
    I pitted again for my regular stop at the end of lap 22, but a few lap later I was gaining on Olli and overtook him in T1 (lap 25). Apparently he didn't see me because he hit my left rear tyre in that turn, and my car went rolling in the gravel! I was upside down a few seconds, sliding, and prayed to be back on my wheels. I got lucky : my car ended its slide by rolling back on its wheels, and I was able to go back on the track, but then Werner hit me very hard. After reviewing my replay just after the race to understand what happened, it appeared he didn't slow down, so I think he didn't see me. Anyway, my suspensions were heavily damaged, and I lost maybe 2 or 3 minutes to join my stand at a very slow pace. After repairs, I was back on the track and finished my race 2 laps down.

    Congratulation to the podium!

    I won't be able to race in Sepang (great track!), but I'll see you in Barcelona.
  7. Hi all! Yesterday could not be with you on race (a lot of work was) I Hope on Sepang with you I will go race!
    It was possible to learn what time in qualification?
    P.S I congratulate a podium, and the winner of race!
  8. Hi Nicolas,

    Yes sorry mate but you were totally invisible :( I'm just glad teh crash didn't end our race there and then.

    Oh, and by the way, there is nothing standard about Kimi :wink: There are rumours going around that Kimi may be replacing Mark Webber next year at RedBull. I don't know how I feel about that becasue I really like Kimi but I like Mark equally.
  9. Grats to podium and all survivors.:smile:

    Bad race for me.

    Q 13 nearly 2sek from PB.

    Race: Start went OK, but in sportcentre I was hit from behind and lost my wings. After repair it was a lonely race until someone came from behind on L20 in clark corner and took my right rear wheel. RACE OVER:mad:

    See you all in Sepang:smile:
  10. Hey
    Q 1 sec from pb was 4 on grid I think but when race start found myself somewere at 13 position betweens cars ?!?! :confused:
    I start very cerfully then see big mess T1 - guys its ruin races !
    Saw Werner ( I think ) very aggressive from behind I try let him pass to be save - then founed myself out of track cuting hard
    but without any advantage , got S&G anyway
    I pited when be asked to, then next lap got disqualyfing :confused:
    Hope for better stuff next time
    c u on track
  11. Hi Eliezer

    I had a look at the replay and I don't think that was aggressive but I'll submit the incident in my report. Sorry mate.

    About your grid position. I remember checking my rear view while waiting for the start and saw a car drop onto the grid very unceremoniously. Then looking at the replay I can see that your grid slot is wide open. Very strange. Sorry for your bad luck. It's very dissapointing to drop out of a race through no fault of your own.
  12. NP Werner I just saw u closing fast and tryed let u past
    didnt have replay but any way no warries - my fault on cuting track
    all otheres not in my control
  13. yep Eliezer was really unlucky.......that grid problem is a bug of the game.....it happens also to me in the public servers, but is a rare bug usually!!! ;)
  14. was a nice race.....but i wasn't in my best form......monday i got a bit of temperature, again, but wednesday i felt better......i was late, so i joined the practice session in the last moment and so i didn't mine usual warmup......i was so late that i hadn't the time to go in bathroom (for the courious pee and s**t)!!! LOL

    during qualy i had a PC crash and so i lost 10 minuts for that.....when i joined i started to do some hotlaps, but i was really slow and in some of them i did also cuts, so i was so afraid to be DQ......but in the last minuts i did a clean lap!!! :D it was a bit slow (only 1.25.1....saturday on the same track i did 1.24.8 in practice session for the World Series) so i was a bit disapointed, but my time was enough to take the 3rd position!!! In front of me there were Coen and Olli and behind me Eliezer and my friend Alessio.

    my start was carefully like usuall, but Alessio did a more good brake in T1 and he overtook me!
    In T3 Olli spun and in the end of lap 1 in T14 Alessio went wide and i take the 2nd position.
    Coen was more fast than me, but after few laps he went wide in T3 and so i tooe the lead for 2 laps.....
    i tried to take him behind me, so i closed the lines in some corners, but he was really more fast than me, and i know that do that type of driving for 40 laps wasn't easy, so when i saw that he did T6 better than me and with a lot more speed, i did't force the brake in the next corner and i didn't close the line and so he passed me pretty easily and safely!!!
    After that little fights i tried to stay focus and to not let him to increase too much the gap! He was on a more short first stint, and when was my time for pit stop, when i exit he was again near me.
    But in few laps he increased a lot the gap, i had also some problems with lapped cars (for example i watched life the Werner crash in T1 and in fron of me happens also other things that make me think to not push too much), and when i saw that i got more than 40 seconds on the 3rd i just put my autopilot on. There were no sense to push or risk in this unforgivable track.
    After the race i was really happy......a bit because i finished 2nd but more because so i was able to go in bathroom and give a brown big gift to my WC!!!!! :D

    Tank you very much for the race!!! Congrats the podium and congrats to all the finishers!!!!

    Thanks to the Admins, to RaceDepartment and to MAK Corp!!! :D
  15. a question to nicolai and rune......will be also this race putted in the ranking like the others???
  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hello Nicolai! Your private messages storage place is full. I have sent an answer to you via e-mail to RD instead.
  17. I took care of it.