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Melbourne - Australia (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Setups' started by Bram, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium





    Front Wing Angle: 3
    Rear Wing Angle: 4

    Balance: F 50% - R 50%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Standard

    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 4
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 7

    Front Ride Height: 2
    Rear Ride Height: 2
    Front Spring Stiffness: 6
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 7

    Gear 1: 134 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 174 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 201 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 224 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 247 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 273 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 308 kph / xxx mph

    Fuel Map: Mix 2
    Fuel: Full

    Camber Front: -3.20
    Camber Rear: -1.00
    Toe Front: 0.13
    Toe Rear: 0.38

    option / prime

    Setup optimized for use with the prime tire. Tried to balance speed / overall grip but in the first round of the career the HRT is a drama and do not expect a podium finish when playing with legend AI and no assists. HRT is a back marker and this setup is pure damage control.
  2. Is it possible for you to post a dry setup for McLaren (after the latest patch)??
  3. James Chant

    James Chant

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  4. Car
    Red Bull



    Front Wing Angle: 11
    Rear Wing Angle: 11

    Balance: F 52% - R 48%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Small

    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 11
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11

    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 8
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 9

    Gear 1: 133 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 154 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 183 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 213 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 245 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 278 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 318 kph / xxx mph

    Fuel Map: -

    Camber Front: -3.50
    Camber Rear: -1.50
    Toe Front: 0.15
    Toe Rear: 0.50


    Well this is the first track I got onto after the 2nd patch, and the difficulty is just right for me, it's not too easy like before, but it aint too hard either, with this setup I felt comfortable but was always on the edge.

    Like usual in Australia, cutting the track is very easy to do, but after much perseverance I managed to squeeze in a 1:19:842, which is a good lap for me, not the greatest I could ever do but it was definitely a clean lap.

    Enjoy! :)
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  5. this setup is good for online races?
  6. Not exactly.... because this is a "Time Trial" setup, therefore this is good for Time Trial. You could always take the setup and tweak it though...
  7. Car

    Albert Park

    Light Cloud


    Front Wing Angle: 5
    Rear Wing Angle: 5

    Balance: F 49% - R 51%
    Pressure: medium
    Brake Size: standard

    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 7

    Front Ride Height: 3
    Rear Ride Height: 2
    Front Spring Stiffness: 6
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 5

    Gear 1: 132 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 162 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 192 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 222 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 254 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 287 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 324 kph / xxx mph

    Fuel Map: Mix 2
    Fuel: 6 laps

    Camber Front: -3.40
    Camber Rear: -1.30
    Toe Front: 0.11
    Toe Rear: 0.47


    Assists: automatic gearbox
    Difficulty: expert
    P1 time: 1:26.771

    I think this setup could use a bit more tweaking, and probably could set a better time with primes, since I'm a bit ham-fisted without ABS and medium TC.
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  8. I find these ARE good for races too. I tend to lower 7th gear a bit, since DRS won't always be available, and you'll have a fuel load for the most part, but otherwise, they work great.
  9. I tried this setup to compare with the one that I had and It feels more confortable to take the corners but I don't have enough speed and I can't manage de beat my best time .
    I play on xbox 360 with a pad and my time is : 1.20.1
  10. i'd knock some wing off, raise front ride height to a 2 and change the rollbars to more of a 4-9 and put the rear spring to a 6 instead of a 9 and i reckon theres more time in this setup
  11. Feel free to post your own setup Graham, if what you say gives you more laptime then my setup, then I shall give yours a go :)
  12. it not a bad setup playing online. just there other players am racing against and u swear u think there still using 11/11 glitch i miss the 11/11 it dosen't work 4 me anymore and was 49 in world of the game be4 the new patch came out lol. now am rank 65
  13. Just a matter of adjusting, before you had some players who did not use 11/11, either because they were not aware of it, or they chose not to on purpose.

    You will get better, it is just a matter of practice :)
  14. This setup is good for trial but for race is very risky because the tyre is very worn after couple of laps and you loose performance and time.
    We must obtain a setup for race to be fast and eficiently.Kile Dunning setups is very good before patch 1.02 but he made setups only for trial now.I hope Kyle we"ll post here , setups for races.
  15. i did a 1:18.9 with my setup, im too tight to share, i did try doing it pre-patch but noone was intersted with the 11-11 bug being out and my laptimes only getting rank 700 at best, top 20's now the ones in doing which im pleased about but like i said your setup is similar to mine, think 11-11 aero is slowing you down a bit though.
  16. have you not tried the mclaren kyle? i did some setups with redbull but when i tried mclaren i was going even faster
  17. Just tried the setup Kyle and using a pad I have to do what Graham says and use more of a 4-9 kinda setup on ARB, I prefer a bit later turn in than what your set gives it seems it turns in very sharp.

    I take a bit off the camber for the back and drop off a little toe also on the back, I'm not in the 1:19's yet with the setup but I can bang in lap after lap at around 1:20-1:21 with this set using a 360 pad. not played with spring or suspension setting but that's where ill be going next.
  18. I aint really played around with the ARB that much.

    I am probably going to do what I did pre-patch. Make some standard setups, get all 19 on here, then try go through them again with some tweaks, if I can beat my times then ill update the setup.
  19. I use the time trial setups for racing, but in the sprint mode. and the results are the same
  20. tweaked kyles setup a bit here and there and got a 1.19.078, with lots of errors.
    got me #32 on PS3 leaderboards.

    i figured 11/11 setups are still faster than every other setup on most tracks, but now its 1 sec faster, pre patch it was 5 sec.