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Melbourne (Albert Park) - Australia (Wet)

Discussion in 'F1 2016 Setups' started by Graham Laing, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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  2. Car

    Melbourne - Australia


    Time Trial

    Tyre Type
    Full Wets (restricted due to Time Trial Mode)

    Front Wing Angle: 11
    Rear Wing Angle: 10

    On throttle: 70%
    Off throttle: 70%

    Suspension Geometry
    Front Camber : -3.00
    Rear Camber: -1.50
    Front Toe: 0.10
    Rear Toe: 0.35

    Front Suspension: 6
    Rear Suspension: 6
    Front Anti-Roll Bar: 6
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6
    Front Ride Height: 6
    Rear Ride Height: 6


    Brake Pressure: 80%
    Front Brake Bias: 60%

    Tyre Pressures

    Front Tyre Pressure: 23.0 PSI
    Rear Tyre Pressure: 21.5 PSI

    Weight Distribution
    Ballast: 11

    Fuel Load
    Kg: 10kg (restricted due to Time Trial Mode)

    I managed a 1.40,072 wirh that Setup, which was decent. I lost round about 4 tenths in the last sector due to some minor mistakes and the side off in the second last corner.
    I beat that time already, but the lap was 3 tenths down in the first sector alone but i was 1,5 tenths faster overall and set a 1.39,9xx with the same setup

    My Setup in the F1 2016 Steam Workshop

    My lap on RaceTube

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