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Medium TC v None

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Roman5, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Hiya :)

    I just do time trials in F1 2010, nothing else. Manual gears, racing line, medium TC, no ABS, wheel.
    I'm trying to give myself the very best advantage in lap times, to gain an extra second or two or even a few 1/10ths.

    Some people say traction control is faster for lap times. But surely traction control would slow the car down slightly in the same way too much aero downforce would because the car is being held down more a bit like it's on rails? Traction would grip the track more but wouldn't the trade off be slightly reduced top speed? I've noticed that the people with the very best lap times seem to have no assists at all, at least, the people I compete against. I know how difficult it is to control the car from spinning out with no TC, but if I could tame the car, would I benefit from extra speed, better manoeuvrability, and gain faster lap times, or would it make absolutely no difference?
  2. yes, aids generally help newer players keep the car on the road, but does somewhat prevent the car to be used on the limit. Once you get the hand of driving without them, you can go faster using no aids. It requires progressive throttle input, good braking, etc so it's harder to pull off, but if you get it right you'll be faster.
  3. For me its just not following the rules of F1 to have TC in any form therefore its always off.
  4. Thanks guys. Interesting, I've turned off TC completely and have had no problem handling the car at all. I just improved my lap time on Spa from 1:46.065 to 1:45.990. :D
    When I was doing laps on Abu Dhabi (in the McLaren) I had problems with the car spinning out in places with no TC, so I turned on medium TC. But maybe now my experience in the game is allowing me to handle no TC better, or spa is perhaps easier on the car, I don't know. On Spa, I'm driving the Lotus, with the same exact car setup I used for Abu Dhabi in the McLaren. So am I just getting better, or is the lotus easier to handle with no TC?
  5. Think it's just experience that helps. I don't think you're any quicker with it off though and the time trial leaderboards seem to back that up theres a mix of those running aids and those without.
  6. Turn 13 exit, by any chance? It's the trickiest exit to manage without TC, as it's off camber. Spun out there more than enough myself. =)
  7. quci question to Roman, i drive with medium TC too and all other assists off , how do you handle the last freakin corner at SPA , everytime i break loose there and car rolls over just like i am on thin ice. is there any trick in the last corner before you get to finish line.
  8. It's more realistic to go without traction control, and more satisfying in my opinion. I don't know if it's faster or not - that may depend on the track. Learning to drive the car without TC isn't that difficult, it just requires a little patience to learn when to step on the throttle. Other sim games are more tricky, more realistic, easy to spin out, but it's not so bad in F1 2010. That being said, I think Abu Dhabi is one of the trickier tracks because of its low-speed corners leading into straights, where you have to get up to speed as quickly as possible, and some of the curbs are unforgiving.

    If you're driving time trial I think you'll want to use one of the high powered cars instead of the Lotus. I don't think it's a coincidence that most of the top times are made with McLaren.

    You might also try turning the racing line off, so you can learn the track better. Good luck. :)
  9. Heh, well, actually, I kept spinning out at turn 6 just before the tight hairpin turn, so turned medium TC back on before getting any further on the track. :redface: Tell you what though, even with traction on, the one turning that kept getting the better of me was turn 9, that always turns my car full circle. I ended up avoiding it or coasting over the kerb.

    Oh god yea, I've been having trouble with that last corner too. In fact even doing another lap after my personal best, my car span out as I took the very last left turn before the finish line. I'm not sure why it happens, but I think you just have to be very careful at that spot, get the car angled just right, maybe avoid touching the kerb at all, and gently feather the throttle. You can also try going down to 1st gear, it may hold the car better. It's a bit similar to the hairpin at the start of the lap, you have to take it with great care and if you throttle too soon or too hard as you come out of the turn, it can spin the car. I've been analysing this lap, maybe it'll give you some clues

    EDIT: Actually, just did it again, same place. Where my car spins out is not the last left turn I mentioned above, but immediately after, just as the car gets to the right side of the tarmac. As I throttle down for the home straight it spins to the left. Don't know if that's the same place as you, but on the video it's at 1:45 to 1:46. I must be accelerating a tad too soon or something.
  10. Oh, yeah, how did I overlook 6. Hate that bump at the exit, nowadyas I always try to keep a momentum through it all and just roll until I have the car straight so I can step on it. =p

    As for 6, I've never had any real problems there. Only spun out there once when I pushed too hard. Spun out another time when I was too eager on the throttle. =) But there are indeed tricky parts on that track!
  11. Yeah, 9 is my personal nemesis, because of that bump (which raises the revs quickly) and the inside curb, which spins the car so easily. Lately I've been braking early, going into 1st gear, taking the first turn tight, going wide around 9, trying to get the car straight and throttle as soon as possible. It's probably the wrong way to do things but I seem to have gained time that way.
  12. I usually take turn 8 slower than most, cut the kerbs a bit and accelerate quickly to keep some momentum through 9, and then just roll until I have the car straight and accelerate from there. Probably not the fastest. But I have yet to find the right amount of throttle you can keep through there without ending up looking at the barriers or where you came from. =p
  13. i always spin when i got my wheel turned.. to i only maxi throttle when the wheels are straight, the way i do the last corner is turn in hard on the curbs on the first, no throttle and drive trough the second to the left and over start finish, my personal best time was 1:43:917.. so only a second slower but i cannot keep the line and throtthle he does because if i would there would be atleast 3-5 points where i would spin.