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Misc McS Tv Cam pack 1.11

Tv Cameras for kunos tracks

  1. Quality Cams Albert! Thank you for the release.
  2. Albert McSaltens updated McS Tv Cam pack with a new update entry:

    McS CamPack

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  3. Terra21


    Hi Albert any chance you could please make some tv cameras for the acu bathurst track?. Currently its only got one .The cam you did for Nordschleife was excellent btw
  4. don't have that track, i'll take a look
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  5. ok i created couple cameras and cameras_start for ACU_Bathurst, i will release version 1.6 when AC release next patch wich should be soon.
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  6. Terra21


    Thanks Albert for the quality cams especially bathurst:thumbsup:
  7. Welcome
  8. Terra21


    Hi Albert
    May i make another request for when/if you have time for some more of your excellent tv/static cams for the very good Albert Park track by acu. Currently its only got one provided which leaves room for a few more:thumbsup:here's the link to track http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/albert-park-league-version.8147/
    Cheers.btw nice footage you have been putting up from the acrl league
  9. maybe in the future.
  10. Any updates coming for Red Bull Ring? :)
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
  11. no idea, i lost track of what i do, what i'm doing slowly but surely is removing DOF values to the minimum so is not so blurry, so maybe in a few weeks i'll release a new version. i think i added one camera to RBR
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  12. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

  13. Good job ! The camera are really nice.

    I got a problem... I lost static cam on many circuit.
    I just copy and paste the thing in the folders.
    Everything working but when i select static cam, it is not static.
    Is that normal?
    Thanks for your mod and help!