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Skins McLaren Vodafone Chrome 1.0

still chrome effects have some bugs

  1. Maranello78,

    How'd you achieve the chrome effect? How could I do the same for the 98T?

    Thanks, looks cool.
  2. With me is white.
    And it is.
  3. same here...its white!!
  4. Si


    I found this skin months ago, and it worked nicely, however have not used it for months.

    think the multiple patches must have 'altered' how it works.

    it did look really good!
  5. I downloaded this skin ages ago, it was chrome before but now it is white. Still looks good though.
  6. The old way that this used was a "normals hack". Which due to the shader, made it look like chrome. But they changed the shader and now that effect no longer is possible ;)
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  7. All i learned was from Craig6996 and Bayley, and it was changing flatnm.dds, anyway maybe with the new updates this effect is no longer possible (i don´t know for sure) and if you use this effect maybe you can experiment some bugs. There´s more info on Assetto Corsa official forum and read about Bayley skin guide.
    Thank you all
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  8. Bailey and I first discovered the "hack". But at some point they changed the shader and now it is no longer possible.