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Mclaren out 18th December (video)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Hampus Andersson, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Zee BINGO :)
  2. Also read this, from Tony.

    Finally i can get my league going!!! Been sketching on it since last year!
  3. I'm so excited for this car :D And it comes out JUST as my exams finish so I can spend my entire Christmas break on iRacing.
  4. Whoohoo...... the NSM.

    Also, have they put black rims on yet another car? Oh my word. This was supposed to be so hard to do.
  5. If I remember correct they use images for the rims. So they can make it any colour they want. But just one colour per car.
  6. Nico,

    You may be right, but when this was asked months back on the iRacing forums about having coloured wheel rims like they do in GT5 and Forza 4, one of the staff made excuses about Polyphony and Turn 10 have way more staff than iRacing to spend time on this type of feature and that it wasn't just a simple change within the iRacing service to give us coloured rims and required lots of work. Below are tow of Staff Member Brian Simpson's replies..........

    Brian Simpson wrote:To give you guy some idea why this is problematic, like a lot of simulators out there we use spun textures to simulate spin speeds to help give the illusion of the tire spinning. Since those textures need to be translucent, we need to have alpha channels. That means typically we have 4 tire textures we use per car.

    To make them color changeable using our current system, we'd need to either do some major wizardry, or duplicate those for every individual car (you wouldn't want everyone to have hot pink tires like you now would you... well maybe you would that's your business).
    So for a race with 20 users, that would be 80 additional textures you would need to have. If anyone out there is already complaining about blurry textures, that would add to your problem [​IMG].

    You would also want to not have the tire be one of the 3 colors you have in the picker, which would require us to come up with a new system to do that, we currently have every way of doing that in our paint kit used up for car bodies and numbers.

    Adding to the problems, are the specular highlights and environment maps, you would want chrome wheels as an example, while someone else would want flat black.

    On the artists end, we also would need to remodel and alter the textures for every tire on every car in the service. That would mean remodeling 8 lod's per tire with 4 tires per car with a stop and spun model required x 30 cars in the service = something like 1920 models. That is a lot more work than it took Kevin to make up a few birds on his free time [​IMG].

    So as you can see, it's not a simple thing, though I wish it was as I want it to. I have to say though, if you had a choice between this or 2048 textures, which one would you rather have? I know what I want (which isn't saying we're going to get 2048 textures, but I want. Brian want bad.

    Brian Simpson wrote: Not as much of as technology issue as staffing. Both Forza and Grand Turismo had hundreds of employees working on those titles from internal to outside contractors. I bet they had entire teams whose entire jobs were nothing but working on their paintkit system. We don't have the luxury.
  7. Small note regarding the video above from Grant Reeve,

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