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Skins McLaren Orange Fictional 2014 1.0

It´s an fictional version of the car of McLaren of 2014

  1. Flavio93 submitted a new resource:

    McLaren Organge Fictional 2014 - It´s an fictional version of the car of McLaren of 2014

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  2. I deleted the 2 first images. Sorry!

    Put the section "Overview" to see all the pics big!
  3. Hi , I started raytracing your model for a screenshot and it needs updating ,
    Around the back of the seat its a little ropy , And around the front of the car its a little ropy :thumbsup:
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  4. Thanks for the explanation! Yes, now I see what you mean. Later, I must make an update of this things and put the flag and name of Magnussen instead of Pérez.
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  5. nice skin :thumbsup: keep it up.
  6. Awesome! I really hope the mclarens car for this season be orange
  7. I think that, for the new merchandising, the colors of this season will be chrome, black and white. Perhaps some red or orange.

    But in orange looks amazing.
  8. Yes, I think the same. McLaren will have the merchandising for 2014 in white, grey and black. So, I suppose they would continue withe the chrome.