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McLaren MP4 is now available...can someone please give some feedback on it?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Stefan Mizzi, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. McLaren MP4 is now available...can someone please give some feedback on it?

    So, how does it feel?

  2. I love it, it's hard to judge for sure right now because I'm going around tracks with the baseline setup, so obviously it will have some under or oversteer but I'm sure that will be fixed when people start producing good setups.

    I highly recommend getting it if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed ;)
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  3. Probably the best sim car i have ever driven. it´s just insane how good this car is really.

    First time i logged 70-80 something laps in one go.
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  4. better than anything in Netkar or FVA Hampus? If you still feel that way in a couple weeks I might renew my sub again. For you to say that I'm assuming that hot laps aren't set on lap one anymore.
  5. comparing with the 458 in FVA i would say definitely yes. And i have only run with base setup which for the first time in history was good right out of the box.
    The FVA is not bad by any means, it´s an awesome car but the Mclaren trumps it quite easily.
    Just on immersion it´s night and day.

    I got the car, got into my league session and did a full race stint without any crashes or anything, just lap after lap of pure awesomeness.

    If the Ford GT was a 1 out of 10 (which it is, a POS is what it is really)
    Then the Mclaren is a 45 out of 10.
    It´s worth re-subbing only for this car, it´s going to be the most popular car in the service i think.

    the sounds of it is NOT what you hear in the onboard video they posted. You can actually hear flames licking the exhaust.
    It crackles, it sounds damn near close to the real thing (but obviously not 100%)
    burbles and is just an angry mofo really :)

    It also came with a new steering model but i can´t feel any difference other then the fact that the Mclaren is dead easy to drive.
    Race ABS is just magic. It helps you but never takes over. You can set in the settings.

    Sometimes when you took chicanes and braked and turned at the same time you would lock a tire.
    Not now, ABS is like "i got this idiot..." :)
    Not even close to the ABS in the Mustang and Mazda but proper race ABS, feels great actually.
  6. some info on the steering model.

  7. Sound doesn´t even make it justice in this video but you can hear the burble at the beginning of the video :)

    Also not how easy it is to control in the second chicane.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That looks great and the interious sounds are fantastic Hampus. Not so sure about the exterior sounds though.
  9. Its a great car :) i couldnt stop driving it yesterday :p but im not sure what to think about the abs...
  10. Yes having a blast in this car! It can also handle door to door racing very well. Had some fun with a mate last night and we had a few knocks and bangs and the car was still able to handle great! :D
  11. Yea exterior could use some work but i think once we get reverberations and some other sounds it will sound acceptable there too.
    But really, the interior sounds at full blast with a good set of headphones or speakers is very very nice :)

    We had so many battles yesterday it was crazy :D
  12. Interesting quote, now keep in mind both cars are different in layout etc but they are built for the same series.
    And to be easy to drive for these rich customers,

  13. Just gave it a go...

    This car is the first car in iRacing that I've ever actually enjoyed driving from the get-go. And given my history with this sim, that's saying something.
  14. After lots of positive comments, I went for it too. Have to say I really like it.

    Though I'm like 4 seconds off the fast guys. Yeah, I did get a set off the fast guys. :confused:

    Is there a turbo boast button? :p
  15. if you turn it up a lot you can hear the turbo´s whistling and you can hear a pretty nice tire sound. Sounds like it came from karts.
  16. This car looks so good in any skin,

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  17. I've been trying quite a few sets from the fast drivers and this one is the best I've found till now.

    I've tried it in Daytona and Road America. I think it has a good balance.

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  18. Here´s my skin, done by Gergely Kiss,
    Mind you, it´s not finished yet, he´s only started working on the sides and we will tune the colors later to get it looking like the bike below.

    Team is called Swedish AirForce hence the livery ;) looks like a small jet fighter.

  19. Just ran some more laps at Daytona... the more I drive this car, the more I like it!