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Skins McLaren Mp4 Gt3 BlancPain version 1.1

Fantasy skin

  1. It's good so far, but needs little fixes, 3 problems i noticed are:
    1. The interior of the car looks black if you look it from outside. (When you are in a race, not in showroom).
    2. The tires are michellin when the car starts to move (blur tires), so you need to edit the blur as pirelli ones.
    3. The interior glass (Blancpain, has a little "hole" without paint just below the B)
    And dunno if this is intended but the air vent from the interior is silver, (this is personal opinion, but if you can paint it orange like the rest of the interior it would match much better with the rest of the interior parts.

    If you fix that it would be pretty nice. Didn't noticed nothing more for the moment :)
  2. thanks for reporting, I will try to resolve as soon as possible:)