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Cars Mclaren MP4/6 1991 1.0

ASR Formula, Mclaren MP4/6 1991

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  1. hex


    I dream about those beautiful tires some day being applied into 1992 v2.1 mod for GSCE :inlove:
  2. We also have this dream, don't worry. We 'll made all 92 season with this quality, but is an hard work.

    we will make sure
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  3. Nice Car and the Ferrari 643 also but i cant see them in the Game. I put the Gamedata and rfm Folder in the GSC Directory but nothing happens. What can i do?
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  4. select mod ASR Formula 91, if you want to see these cars in "all cars", you can add "reiza91" string in Vehicles Filter line in GSCDIR/rFm/reiza18.rfm file
  5. Thx, Sdereno. Shows up now. :thumbsup:

    Ferrari 643 still doesn't show up in game. Copied everything and added reiza91 to the filter, but the Ferrari doesn't show up. Mclaren is there, but Ferrari not.

    Sorry, forgot to copy the vehicle. Lol. All works fine now.
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  6. @Sderenno
    Thanks. Now it works with the ``tga´´ file.
  7. I see you talking about F1 1992 mod (and the high quality cars that goes with it).
    I had it on my PC but must delete it. Reason? It looks good but it was impossible to do a actuall race cause FPS drops so much at the start of the race. I only can do some practice and hot laps. And that wasn't good for me, so it had to go...
    Btw my PC is not weak (for GSCE at least, it is for AC or PCars but that's another level, isn't it?) and all other mods didn't drop FPS so much. Just my opinion.... it's nice to have high quality cars it they doesn't mean a lot if you can't actually race.
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  8. hex


    If you couldn't race because of too much FPS drop then I assume you did something wrong with LOD in your mod. After all we're talking here about new tyres and slightly better textures, not new high-poly models. Also you simply could've set opponent detail level to medium or even low!
  9. Mate... with all due respect... I'm not that kind of noobie. I've playing racing gamer for about... 20 yrs now. I know a thing or two about modding, I wouldn't done something stupid. Those are just nice looking cars but way too heavy on CPU/GPU.
    No, I didn't done anything "with lods" and, like I was saying... it's ONLY '92 mod. '94 is just fine and the '90 ok also wil a little drop of fps, say that with '94 I got ~60 fps, with '90 ~40 and with '92 ~20. Unplayable. Unless, of couse, you look to the back when you make a start. But that's quite hard.
    And, I don't know what about exactly you've talking about but he say:
    just saying....
    They look nice on paper (pictures) but if you want to use them the way they should be used (on full F1 race) then all beauty wanish and only lagg stays.
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  10. Sorry if I ask, how many FPS have you with Assetto Corsa, Project Cars or rFactor 2? Surely our mods can be optimized, but the target of ours mods will be always high end pc , personally with 25 cars on the grid and all details to max i have 160-170 fps, with a Nvidia GTX 970.
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  11. Lol GTX 970. omg. I only can dream about that kind of.... weapon.
    Funny thing I got more FPS with both those games. :D Funny, I know.
    I know I had a really lousy GPU (but, in my defence I'm in the process of change it but my best option is something like used gtx 770) and I have a quite good PC i5, it's 3570, or something like that. 8G of ram but that's not so important. Like I said I KNOW I have lousy GPU but, once again it's not ...normal to get enough fps in start of the race (ok, graphich settings are much lower) for AC and PC and so low in not so next-gen GSCE. Don't tell me to play GSCE without 16 AA please. :D
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  12. 16AA ????? ahahhahahahha, however, the GTX 770 is a really good card.
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  13. 16AA in SCE will murder your GPU unless it's 4gb 770 at the least. SCE is much much much heavier than rFactor (1). Your numbers are low given the mods you listed so you cannot complain about the ASR '91 cars here due to a mix of your hardware, the game, the higher quality models and textures, and what you want your game to look without the horsepower to do so.

    ps: if you are not using Steam version, add the line +fullproc to your shortcut
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  14. michael opp

    michael opp

    im new to downloading it did download in to game but when I tray to play it it seed cant play it g motor 2 it has done that be for on other gams cane ennyone help and xplan to me
  15. I asked this in the Review section but maybe here is more appropriate. I see GSCE is at 1.0 while RF2 is at 1.8... are there any significant differences, or is there a more recent version for GSCE?