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Skins McLaren MP4 - 31 1,1

2016 livery

  1. Hi, this is my skin with only 2 simple changes, you put in download without my permission. I ask that you remove this quickly.
  2. If you look Close you will see that itrs different fropm rear wing sponsor position red line above KPMG position of Chandon logo sidepods esso logo and also with logos used from Bahrain GP and some more sponsors that i placed on car

    Its just fact that we both used McLaren chasis if you want i can upload my PS file to show what i made
  3. Yes, i know, I realised a few hours ago, i was angry for personal reasons and i was hot and didn't compare the skins. Sorry about this. Is my fault xD. This won't happen again, i'm really sorry.
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  4. Its allright if you were agnry for some reason, dont be bothered about it :)
  5. Your Mobil 1 logo is wrong :p
  6. Well i couldnt find perfect one but this one does the job i may put more detail into it when i will make full season update race by race 'maybe' :p
  7. Also the Richard Mille logo
  8. the hell :D
  9. :p [​IMG]