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McLaren more shiny / less shiny problem

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MP7, May 9, 2011.

  1. MP7


    This is killing me :confused:, on some tracks the car looks more shiny and beautiful and on others less shiny.
    Even on same tracks, the pic below is a comparison from Australia, left pic(and that's how I want it :) ) on practice and right one in race.

    Anyone else having the same problem?


    Thx for any help or at least some info as I'm spooked :eek:
  2. Are both pics taken in either career mode or custom GP mode and not one pic from each? Because there appears to be a difference between career and custom GP, though I believe there is a fix for that somewhere on RD...
  3. MP7


    Both pics taken from Career mode :)
    A fix? seriously? gonna try a search but it's hard when u don't know the name of the fix and all, maybe I get lucky...
  4. Unless its affecting your speed, I wouldnt worry about it - its a driving game afterall :D Switch to cockpit view and you will hardly notice it :D
  5. MP7


    True, true...but I hate the cockpit view - personal preference- what can you do :D

    Yeah it's not a big problem but the car definitely looks more beautiful, I'm gonna have to solve this soon or later :/
  6. Is there a chance you have your graphic settings for reflections set to automatic and its reducing the quality when there are a lot of cars to process in the actual race, as opposed to practice mode where normally there is only your car and the ones you occasionally meet on track?

    I cant remember off the top of my head if there is an auto setting for graphics, but if you arent changing it - then something is, and its probably worth a look.
  7. I'm not sure if this solves your problem, but this is the fix I was talking about.
  8. MP7


    The reflection setting can be set to automatic? I couldn't tell as that setting isn't located in the graphics options in game. Or is it? At least I didn't saw it :/
    If there is such a setting that would be the cause, it makes perfectly sense, and definitely worth a look.

    Also, regarding this
    ''when there are a lot of cars to process in the actual race''
    I don't think this is the case, sometimes I have reflection on practice but not on qual. and race, sometimes on the whole race weekend, and it seems to depend on tracks :S , for example in Spa my car always looks great

    Thx for the link bud, I've just tried it and unfortunately it didn't work :(
    Maybe I should copy that materials.xml to mc0 as well? gonna try that and see if it works
  9. MP7


    Paul it seems you were right, my car reflections are set to ultra(like all the other settings), I go to race-car doesnt look good-go back to paddock-optins and there u go! - car reflections set to low!!! you gotta be kidding me! how the hell can it change my settings?
    Now I just need to find out how to disable that automatic changing

    Correction :

    actually it doesnt matter if I go to race or not, as soon as I exit the graphical settings and immediately re-enter after that the car reflections are set to LOW !!! I change it to ultra and when I exit it asks me to save the settings I say YES, when I re-enter it's again on LOW! wth?
    And my preset isn't set on automatic so how can it change
  10. MP7


    This is ridiculous !
    Well somehow now the car reflection settings always stay on Ultra and that's great
    I just finished practice, qual. and race in China, everything was good, then it's Catalunya practice - not good !
    And the setting is on Ultra, all the time!!!

    I surrender on this !!!
  11. Have a look in 'hardware_settings_config' and see what it says for track reflections. Basically make sure that the information reflects (no pun intended) how you set it in the game, settings should be 'true' and I think '1' = ultra and '2' = high as obviously not all settings can be ultra.

    From memory I can't recall if there are 'presets' for graphics in game so make sure it set to custom if there is an option.

    Only other thing I can suggest is making a copy first, and then removing your hardware settings config AND hardware settings info XML files and see if this prompts the game to create some new files. It could make the game crash - just a suggestion!

    What graphics hardware you running and is it DX11 or 9?

    Depending which it is, make sure it has been properly detected in the hardware config file.
    If it's dx9 make sure this says 'true' in the config XML and that dx11 says 'false' in the hardware info XML file.
    If you are dx11, make sure the 'true' and 'false' are the other way round.
  12. MP7



    Well this should be fine then.

    I'm running on a 5850 (i7 860, Win7x64) with latest Catalist drivers, and DX11 is installed of course

    Yap I'll try to delete those 2 files and see what happens, I'm so desperate to try anything :D

    EDIT :

    deleting both files crashes the game only when u enter graphics settings and everythig is empty there, when u exit the menu the games crashes

    Then I just put back the hardware_settings_options.xml and it doesnt crash, still without hardware_settings_config.xml and it doesnt' create a new one :/
    But anyway, no effect :(
  13. im on ps3 driving for ferrari and ive noticed the car changes colors every session in career. sometimes is ferrari red other times its the other deeper more metallic red. very noticeable.
  14. Thake A Look In The Materials File From The McLaren
  15. MP7


    with which tool do u open the materials.xml ? notepad++ isn't that good on this one :D
  16. BXML Converter
  17. MP7


    I'm getting an error - ''The program failed to convert the XML'' :(

  18. i have the same problem with car reflections!:frown: all set on ultra or high! all cars have reflections, my car -no(
  19. Hey MP7 - get any further with this problem? If you want me to send my 'materials' XMLs then let me know.
  20. MP7


    No Paul, no luck. Like I said before, on some tracks it's always good, like it's track dependable.
    Another interesting thing is that sometimes my team mate's car looks shiny as it should be when mine isn't.

    If you think it's worth a shot then I would be grateful, you've been thinking all materials.xml's or just the McLaren one?