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Skins McLaren livery 2015 barcelona 2015-05-03

mc laren 2015 barcelona

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    mc laren livery 2015 barcelona - mc laren 2015 barcelona

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  2. Why are Mobil1 mirrored?See here in this Car was not mirrored Mobil1 and it was also a mod..

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  3. uhm because the RB chassis is on that point where he put the logo a mirrord part ^^

    on a mercedes car is the mirror shi* on an other place :whistling::)
  4. 'Cause the RB chassic has a different texture layout than the Mercedes chassic. The mirrored place doesn't exist on that part of the car while it does on the RB. RB has the least limitations although it has various mirrored places while Mercedes doesn't.