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Skins McLaren "Innovation is Great (Britain)" & "Chandon" race suits 2.0

Adds the "Innovation is GREAT (Britain)" and Chandon logos to the driver's race suits

  1. madotter


    madotter submitted a new resource:

    McLaren Innovation is great (Britain) + Chandon race suits - Adds the "Innovation is GREAT (Britain)" and Chandon logos to the driver's race suits

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  2. I Don't Have Erp Archiver !
  3. Great job!
    Thank you!! :thumbsup:
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  4. awesome.:cool:
  5. it is a lot of excellent content!
    make video guide,please :rolleyes:
  6. madotter


    madotter updated McLaren "Innovation is Great (Britain)" & "Chandon" race suits with a new update entry:

    McLaren "Innovation is Great (Britain)" & "Chandon" race suits + Arm logos!

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  7. Whyj night one such mods not fixed and ready
    Rar file, extract paste ready
    As I was doing here, I can make it myself

    Is it so hard to make it ready and ready?

    Why do not you do that?
  8. madotter


    I feel like I have said this 100 times but I'll say it again...

    If I just include the .mipmaps files to drag and drop into the F1 2016 folder, you WILL get a lower resolution which will fade to the original texture. F1 2016 does NOT work the same as 2015. It uses two textures for each image. One is a smaller version for up close views (mipmaps) and one is a higher resolution for further away views (located in the incardriver.erp). If you only install to one location, there will be problems with the texture. I could include the incardriver.erp but this houses ALL textures for ALL teams so it would cause conflicts with other item you have downloaded, once the file is replaced, everything inside would be replaced.

    It's annoying to have to use ERP but it is the best and only way to get the files in game in a proper way that does not cause texture problems and file loss.

  9. thanks for upgrade )
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  10. madotter


    You're welcome!
  11. its for free!! but u can feel free to donate ;)
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  12. How To Download ? I See 4 Parts Only
  13. great job. thanks a lot.:cool:
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