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Skins McLaren Honda with Chandon Update 1.21

Chandon logo on the side of the Chassis (Not Mirrored!)

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  1. thank you!
  2. The Chandon logo looks pixelated
  3. The actual logo they use on the car is a bit different from what they use otherwise. I tried for an hour yesterday to locate a vector for it to help Innitialization, but all of their internal publications have a differently shaped "C" and star icon, plus a different font.

    Obviously it can be redrawn, but I didn't have time for that. I just was able to help him with the alpha channel not having the logo on it properly.
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  4. I see. You should try asking @realitychecked He is the king of logo :D
  5. realitychecked


  6. Nice job!
  7. Here is the erp (didn't test yet) and the dds if you want to add it yourself with EGO ERP Archiver.

    Enjoy, and huge thanks to realitychecked for finding that nice high resolution image to work with!


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  8. bonjour,
    ou doit on insérer le fichier ERP pour changer le skin.
  9. ENGLISH only
  10. How did you open the mipmaps files?
  11. You can't as far as I am aware, you open the erp in the asset groups folder with the ERP Archiver
  12. realitychecked


    You can open mipmaps files.
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  13. Wouldn't mind knowing xD
  14. Check the modding questions thread.
  15. Someone told me in TrustChipmunks stream chat ahaha
  16. fitti


    Do what the game files that I upload. Thank you.