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Skins McLaren Honda MP4-30 2.0

Two fictionals skins for McLaren-Honda's 2015 car (Red/White and Orange).

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  1. Did you just make a McLaren skin for a Red Bull...?
  2. No no jaja, you put it in the game and McLaren's car will look like you can see in the photos. It's a mod that change how the game recognise McLaren's car, adopting Red Bull's chassis, but there is no changes in Red Bull.
  3. Good job ! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  4. Will be this McLaren 2015 Car livery in real?
  5. The desing will be different, but I really don't know... But this look nice, isn't it?
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  6. Now, the download file has two folders: One has the Red and White version, and the other one has a new orange version. Enjoy them!
  7. May I ask you what is the resolutin of the cars? PS:superb work :)
  8. 4096x4096
  9. thanx