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Skins McLaren Honda MP4-30 on RB10 Chassis - Launch Livery. 1.8.1

The new McLaren Honda livery with Red Bull Chassis.

  1. Winter-Iceman submitted a new resource:

    McLaren Honda MP4-30 on RB10 Chassis - Launch Livery. - The new McLaren Honda livery with Red Bull Chassis.

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  2. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Show us the (mirrored) left side of the car! :p

    Perhaps Merc was a better choice for skinning reasons. :thumbsup:
  3. For the merc I wouldnt have been able to do the top of the side pods or the red on the nose.
    yeah mirroring but ah well. :p
  4. Hmm able to make it shiny?
  5. Will do! I'm working on it!
  6. Thanks! :D
  7. why this mod not working on co-op sesion?
  8. No idea, perhaps it is your friend, maybe you need both players to have the same mod?
  9. we tryed and not working :(
  10. Then I'm sorry I don't think that there is anything I can do about it... Does any other livery/chassis mods work on co-op?
  11. no,we tryed other mods and not working
  12. I don't know, sorry dude.
  13. Because this mod replaces the mclaren's chassic with redbull's which the game won't accept since you have changed the models which interferes with the online mod.
    You can only use this livery in offline mod, or if you replace the redbull's car with this one instead of the mclaren's. All you need to do is to rename the beginning of every single file's name from this mod from "mc2" to "rb2" and it will work, however then you will use the car for Redbull instead of Mclaren but it will let you play in Online sessions.
  14. im his partner and we used same mods..and yes actually 1 mod is working on co-op we have video too..http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2015-mclaren-honda.5106/

    this mod is working on co-op i dont know the reason..and this mod is on rbr chasis too..but we liked your mod cuz its almost like real mp4-30 this is amazing job..can you fix this problem for co-op or just can you make some paint edits on other mod? cuz its totally black.. =)

    its not about rbr chasis cuz other mod is on rbr chasis too..i dont know the problem but maybe we can fix this
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
  15. F1 2015 Mclaren Honda 2.0 this mod working in co-op sesion.
  16. Ok, try changing the file names from mc2#### to rb2##### but not the folder names, don't forget interiors as well. If that works then I will update the mod! :) hope this works!