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Skins McLaren-Honda Grey 2015-12-07

The 2015 McLaren-Honda grey skin

  1. Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
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  2. picture please ..thx
  3. Man can you try to do the start livery of McLaren Honda?
  4. It's not possible with the mapping of the car and not program is used to edit the \f1_2015_vehicle_package\teams\mclaren\materials\ "mclaren_paint.material.erp"
  5. Okok understand
    Congratulations for this skin :)
  6. I can not sehen..was the images I have wrong?
    What can I do to see the pictures?
    thank you
  7. Please help
    when I use Internet Explorer, I see the images
    Firefox, the images are not displayed
    Thanks for the help