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Skins McLaren F1 LM 1.00

McLaren F1 LM skins

  1. no screenshots no download.
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  2. When it's warning, I'm happy, but whether you download or don't do it depends on you.
  3. no by that i mean a simple picture of the skins you have made would be nice, its a simple as jumping into the showroom and pressing F8, this is my opinion but if someone cant do that then ill assume their skin is low quality.
  4. thank you
  5. Fantastic skin, I love the orange sideskirt which Kunos forgot to paint:) Thank you so much*deep bow*
    But since it's not an LM but A GTR(LM's don't have the air intake on the leftside, plus they don't have digital dashes to name a few differences) can you please also make one with an orange skirt without 'XP1 LM' , and without the LM steeringwheel, LM badge, wheels and banner?:)
    I also love the orange engine/cylinderhead cover. Keep it that way please.
    I know I'm asking way too much lol. Sorry. But it's only the orange sideskirt I'm asking for :)