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McLaren 650S GT3 @ Brands Hatch GP

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Coenwulf, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. AC v1.4.0 64bit
    Session: 10:00am, Mid Clear, 26 degrees, Optimum Track
    Realism: Pro Mode (TC: OFF, Tyre Blankets: ON)


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  2. This setup is invalid. At least after update.
  3. Ahh, yes, I know what it is - you had me worried for a second then Arkadiusz. It was created with tyre blankets on, so, you either need to put the tyre blankets on, or raise the ride height (front and rear) by three clicks.
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  4. What tyre blankets have to do with this? You can set the car lower with them ?!
  5. Tyre blankets heats up the tyre so it gets inflated by pressure increase = higher ride height than with cold tyres.
  6. In this case the difference is 3mm, hence the need to increase ride height by three clicks if you're not using tyre blankets.

    The benefit to using tyre blankets is twofold: 1) You don't need to do two warm-up laps to get the tyres upto scratch anymore and, 2) Lower ride height usually means potentially better lap times, though how much 3mm can gain you is open to debate, a tenth, two?
  7. The splitter and diffuser are not stalling anymore at min height?
  8. Fast lap online mode - 1:23.843
    No assists
    - Fuel, tyre wear and damage on.

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  9. .
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  10. This was happening before due to some bug then presumably, and not just a consequence of other setup factors, right? Is that what you're saying?
  11. No it's certainly not a bug it's been there since 1.3. It was very noticeable on most GT3 setups at min height so I thought maybe they removed or lessened the effect in 1.4 since your setup seems to work at min height.

    I just tried and the front splitter does suffer in the 3 fast right handers but just barely. If anything it might give some needed stability there. I would still try to raise the car 3-4 mm and see what it does.
  12. Trouble is though, is what you describe meant to happen or not? I suppose it could just be that the aero works better on the 650S since it's a newer car and we've not driven it in versions prior to 1.4 to compare...
  13. A clearer original question should have been : If a 60mm setup works alright now, it is because the stall effect has been removed or lessened in 1.4? Now that I looked into it the answer would be : No, it's only that the 650S is less sensitive to it than the other GT3 cars when on a 60mm height setup.

    I had a look at the aero and the 650S is a better car while sitting at 60mm than the 12C was/is. There were no changes about that in the 1.4 code.

    With both cars sitting at 60mm, front splitter and diffuser on the 650S sit 5mm higher than they do on the 12C. While the 12C felt and still feels pretty bad at high speed on a 60mm setup, the 650S can deal with it better because of the extra 5mm "room"
  14. Ok, athough KS don't tell us about all the changes they make, I was fairly sure they hadn't made any changes in this area, so it comes down to the 650S simply handling aero that bit better at min height. Being no expert on the subject of aerodynamics, i'll trust that KS handle it all as well as they are able.

    Incidentally, what are you looking at that shows how high the splitter & diffuser sit, one of the dev apps?
  15. Yeah Wings app. GH column gives the item height in mm. You'll see CL drop sharply as soon as front splitter or diffuser go below 50mm. Easiest way to see it is the drag strip on very soft springs. The car just squats down well enough at high speed to see the numbers drop.
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  16. Here another setup too guys. Set fuel as you like . Not fast but quite stable.

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  17. Hello guys , I`m wondering maybe someone has ideas how to setup 650s for suzuka or even got setup for it?
    P.S couldnt find any info so decided to ask here:)
  18. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    Has anyone got a setup for this car since the recent tyre update. It just Understeers like a pig now...
  19. As any gt3 car. Dunno what happened. Other cars are fine