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PC McLaren 12C GT3 understeery?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Piet Dekimpe, May 22, 2015.

  1. Hi

    Just a quick question. Did a race at brno yesterday with the mclaren GT3. It felt really understeery and actually less fun to drive than the renault clio at that track earlier this week.
    Is is normally this understeering? Is it not a RWD with engine behind? so why so much understeer ( and its not my driving style...)
    ( was just a non racedepartment lobby, default setup, full fuel load, no change to change setup).
    This was supposed to be a supercar, but i really didn't like it.
  2. Uhm...
    Of course it's gonna drive like crap, if it's so heavy and most of the downforce is at the back.
    The default setups aren't particularly quick, but they're SAFE, as in: low risk of running out of fuel and more under- than oversteery.
  3. You can't drive a GT3 car like the Clio. If you could, that would be "arcade". ;)
  4. I know the default setup is not good, i could not change it due to race only....
    i know i cant drive it like the clio, but its a bit strange the mclaren did feel less sporty , less quick and less fun to drive than the clio....
  5. A car being faster around a track, doesn't necessarily mean it's as fun to drive around the track. Most GT cars suffer from understeer in general (relatively speaking that is). I would say the McLaren isn't as much fun as the Ruf GT3 or Z4 GT3 in terms of excitement. However, it's much easier to drive than the two I mentioned.
  6. that is true..... the Ruf is much more fun to drive
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  7. The McClaren has a lot of grip with the default setup. Try taking the rear wing down to six and decrease both diff settings.