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Skins MAZDA MX5 Cup World Series 1.1 2016-05-25

skins mazda mx5 cup

  1. AC76 submitted a new resource:

    MAZDA MX5 Cup World Series - skins mazda mx5 cup

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  2. Great job and thank you! Love what you have done. :thumbsup:

    Some constructive feedback on the Swedish car. The colors are a bit off and i have gotten the RGB values for you (Swedish flag uses Natural Color System "NCS").

    The blue is lighter and the yellow has a little more orange in it. It looks a bit more cartoonish when the yellow is too bright and the blue too dark/deep.

    Natural color system to RGB:
    Blue: RGB = 0, 91, 153 (NCS 4055-R95B).
    Yellow: RBG = 255, 194, 0 (NCS 0580-Y10R).


    Also, i would put the country names in english "SWEDEN", "BRAZIL" etc instead so everyone on track understand, but its your mod and its just an idea. :)

  3. Hi Alex
    thanks for your feedback ... :)
    following your advice I changed the color try to match the right combination ...
    here the result: Showroom_ks_mazda_mx5_cup_30-4-2016-9-7-27.jpg

    I think much better :D

    .... you are right also as regards the written on the sides , better to put them in English so that all recognize :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    thanks again :thumbsup::D
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  4. Awesome my friend. Looks great! Thank you. :)
  5. St3fan


    Great skins. All of them are just beautiful.

    One thing that looks really weird is that the name for the country China in characters is "中国"
    "中文" that you used in the skin means the Chinese language.
    Do you mind changing that one character and repack that skin? Thanks.
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  6. OMG ... I'm so sorry ... I used Google translator to find the Characters :(

    ok ... i'll update that skin as soon as possibile !!
    thanks for the feedback :D