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Skins MAZDA MX5 Cup World Series 1.1 2016-05-25

skins mazda mx5 cup

  1. AC76 submitted a new resource:

    MAZDA MX5 Cup World Series - skins mazda mx5 cup

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  2. Great job and thank you! Love what you have done. :thumbsup:

    Some constructive feedback on the Swedish car. The colors are a bit off and i have gotten the RGB values for you (Swedish flag uses Natural Color System "NCS").

    The blue is lighter and the yellow has a little more orange in it. It looks a bit more cartoonish when the yellow is too bright and the blue too dark/deep.

    Natural color system to RGB:
    Blue: RGB = 0, 91, 153 (NCS 4055-R95B).
    Yellow: RBG = 255, 194, 0 (NCS 0580-Y10R).


    Also, i would put the country names in english "SWEDEN", "BRAZIL" etc instead so everyone on track understand, but its your mod and its just an idea. :)

  3. Hi Alex
    thanks for your feedback ... :)
    following your advice I changed the color try to match the right combination ...
    here the result: Showroom_ks_mazda_mx5_cup_30-4-2016-9-7-27.jpg

    I think much better :D

    .... you are right also as regards the written on the sides , better to put them in English so that all recognize :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    thanks again :thumbsup::D
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  4. Awesome my friend. Looks great! Thank you. :)