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Mazda 787B @ Spa-Francorchamps

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Joco Gorenc, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Just have no idea what to do with this car so any suggestions maybe? :)
  2. Hy Joco,

    Try this and tell me about it (this is the settings that in my opinion change more the behaviour of the car):

    Front Wing - 7
    Rear Wing - 22
    Front Camber - -34
    Power - 28
    Coast - 30
    Brake Bias - 61
    ARB Front - 4
    ARB Rear - 4
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  3. Times?
  4. Whit those settings I post above (whit probably a few adjustments on suspension, don't know exacly what I have changed to be honest) I have manage to do a 1.16.200
  5. 1.16 @ spa??? Your car must have 10 turbo's or something :p

    And i've done 2:09.4xx yesterday with default setup...
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  6. Lol you are righ... 2.06.200...... 1.16.. where did I get that time from!?? :D
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  7. Ahh ok, that was a great time :D it's more than 3 seconds to mine and i did perfect lap, it's default setup but i'm not properly a noob either... strange...
  8. Try those settings and tell me your opinion.
  9. No gear changes?
  10. I think the gears were untouched... so the top speed might be 325 Km\h

    Did you test those settings?
  11. Ok, i'll try that next year :D
  12. I've tested those settings, no change in laptimes, all around 2:09.xxx still don't get how you've done that time of 2:06. Are you using track limits? Aids on? :p
  13. Yes Rui, I'm using the track limits and no aids. I even manage to do 2:05.900 and I think I can go faster. Try to reduce suspension height and reduce the spring force, it might help. There is one thing that might be doing all the diference and it is how fast you change the gear.

    A few days ago I was racing with @Jorge Alves and with the same setup I was being mutch more fast. It was very strange.... We came to the conclusion that it was related to how fast you change gears. Jorge was very smooth and never damage is gearbox while I was pushing the engine to the limits and being very demanding with the gearbox (after a long race my gearbox is all yelow\red).
  14. Well, anyway that's impressive, changing gears with paddles is not that slow, but almost 4 seconds seems too much for me even if it's that...
  15. Im using H shifter and clutch pedal. When I get home I will try to find you on steam and schedule a session just to show you how I do it. :cool:
  16. I don't know if i'll be playing AC today, do you have a replay file? Cheers!
  17. Sorry, no. I will be at home just on sunday night.
  18. Ok, we talk then ;) Stay well mate.
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  20. What's the purpose of the previous post with image???
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