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Helmets Max Verstappen Helmet+Cap (Update) 1.5

This updates Max Verstappen helmet+cap to his new helmet!

  1. TrollingDerpGuy submitted a new resource:

    Max Verstappen Helmet+Cap (Update) - This updates Max Verstappen helmet+cap to his new helmet!

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  2. Fantastic Job!Can you edit the cameras ?:);)
  3. I cant, idk how to
  4. Something went wrong and i dont really know what but when i play as Verstappen now, i dont see the driver, its just an empty space
  5. I found what i did wrong, i added the helmet + cap to the models and not the textures. But i still can not fix the problem
  6. Ayy, I did not include a backup for the Models directory you can try 1 thing, delete the files from the folder (where you put them) then go to Steam/Library/Right click F1 2015/Properties/Local Files/and then the last option in that loist Check files or something like that, if that does not work, you "Maybe" have to Reinstall F1 2015
  7. I'll try, thanks for the help man, appreciate it