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Helmets Max Verstappen 2016 New Helmet - Spa Onwards v1.0 FINAL

Verstappen 'NEW' Helmet 2016 - SPA Onwards

  1. mmpaw37 submitted a new resource:

    MAX VERSTAPPEN 2016 (NEW) HELMET - Spa Onwards... By MMPAW44. - Verstappen 'NEW' Helmet 2016 - SPA Onwards

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  2. Thanks. The hard work was worth it :thumbsup:
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  3. Thank you very much for this nice Helmet and your Hard Work !
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  4. Looks GREAT!! Thank you both!!
  5. Thank you!
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  6. Yeah...Thanks ;), it was a difficult one!
  7. No problem! ;)
    I wanted it for myself anyway so i thought i'd share my work!
  8. Enjoy it....That's what it's for my friend! :)
  9. Very, very nice helmet, excellent
    You can ask for the Mercedes Luis Hamilton helmet from the 2014 make, I mean the yellow helmet, where there are so many beautiful versions, Thanks
  10. Great helmet, thanks for the update!
  11. Thanks for the helmet i'm using it in my career

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  12. Lovely helmet! Ricciardo seems to get problems though when applying this. Singapore at night a nd I see ricciardo having a black helmet with a weird design. definately applied everything correctly
  13. Thanks!! Great work..:sneaky::)