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Max USB Controllers in RBR

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Daniel Tonsberg, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hello, im looking into the idea of buying a set of CSP to go with my T500 wheel, but seeing as I have a button box and frex shifter already (an maaaybe a Manu-Factory handbrake soon) im uncertain of the capabilities of more than 3 USB controllers in RBR. Ive been searching the webs for a time and cant seem to find any answer to my question. Does anyone know the limit ? is it 3 like any other game or unlimited ?

  2. I am using the following USB controllers while playing RBR.
    Fanatec Wheel, CSP Pedals, Manu-Factory Handbrake. All three configured through the game. On top of that I have two keyboards and two Mice (One of each on desk and cockpit), a set of USB headphones as well as an external USB Hard Drive.

    In total that is 9 USB devices and I haven't had any issues.

    Cheers Al
  3. Someone may correct me but I think the limit on RBR is three controllers - keyboards & mice don't count. I have a Fanatec wheel and pedals on usb and my Frex shifter and h'brake on one of Leo Bodnars's controllers with plenty of space for more analogue, button and load cell connections (that's perhaps what you need for the additional stuff).


  4. Hmm yeah I'm after a symprojects gmax gear indicator for my rig aswell.
    I might be able to fit the shifter to the buttonbox(hooked up with xpadder for keyboard keys) but if I ever get a handbrake that would limit the use for new pedals.

    Could someone try using 4 joystick controllers?
  5. i`m pretty sure 3 controllers is all your going to get in any game, maybe its limited because on Windows. controllers ect are classed as HID`s (Human interface devies) were as mice keyboards useually use a diferent protocol, as friemd of mine has a fancy logitech gamming keyboard and that is classed as a HID device.

    if you can`t connect your exccess HID`s through your button box only other option is to get a Fanatec wheel and plug the pedals directly into the wheel.
  6. Hmm okey, but im pretty sure the frex sequential shifter can be hooked up to a buttonbox seeing as it's required to be fitted to a USB board (Leo bodnar or similar) then the question is really if xpadder(assign joystick buttons to keyboard commands)works with RBR.

    Guess I just gotto wait until somebody makes a breakmod for t500 then.

    Thanks for the help.