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Helmets Maverick Top Gun Helmet 1.1

Maverick's helmet reimagined for Formula One

  1. Cu547 submitted a new resource:

    Maverick Top Gun Helmet - Maverick's helmet reimagined for Formula One

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  2. I was having issues with the colours in-game, namely the stripes on the gen01 helmet showing up as black lines, and I couldn't work out how to resolve it.
    I tried it on the gen7 helmet and it worked straight away so i just went with it. If i do find out how to get it to work on gen01 i'll update the resource :)
  3. oh ok then, good luck and keep up good work like that :)
  4. So i've found a way ,you just have to replace : gen_01_helmet_n.tga & gen_01_helmet_s.tga with the ones from the gen_07 folder , this way no need to restart a career if you already use a gen_01 helmet , work well for me


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    Maverick Top Gun Helmet

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  6. *v1.1:
    - I've adjusted the scaling of some of the decals to fill the helmet a little better. I'm not 100% happy with the top, so more updates will probably follow
    - If you already have a custom helmet installed using the first career helmet, changing the name of the gen_07_helmet_d.tga.dds in this download to gen_01_helmet_d.tga.dds will allow you to overwrite and use in current career, but you should also extract the gen_07_helmet_n.tga & gen_07_helmet_s.tga, rename, and overwrite to gen_01 so that colours are correct if you haven't got the RGB colours (make backups just in case). Thanks to jagfex for spotting this!